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Bosch 1508…. Is it The Best Gauge Shear on The Market ? – Lets Find out

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Bosch is well known over the world for manufacturing high-class products, which please professionals and beginners alike. Another great trademark of Bosch is the amazing affordability of its products. The Bosch 1508 combines all of these aspects in it, which makes a brilliant product for every kind of users. A unique thing about it is that the manufacturer has kept the comfort of the user exclusively in mind.

Shears are used in the construction industry for the cutting of materials like aluminum, copper, brass, light–gauge steel or may be even plastic depending on the situation. They employ a high-carbon steel or chromium blade for this purpose. The Bosch 1508 is the perfect choice for the high alloy steel cutting due to its strong blade. Blades of several shears can get damaged if really heavy-duty work is done but this shear can be used perfectly in professional conditions.

Bosch has kept user comfort in mind while making the Bosch 1508 with really low vibration. This means that user can be very comfortable while using it and really precise cuts can be made increasing the efficiency factor as compared to other shears available in the market. Therefore, Bosch 1508 8 gauge shear is widely used among the professionals and even among learners.

The specifications as mentioned in a Bosch 1508 review are:

  • Bosch 1508

    Bosch 1508…. Is it The Best Gauge Shear on The Market ? – Lets Find out

    The shear runs on 120 Volts.

  • The current required for using it is 9.2 Amperes.
  • Shears are also used for cutting aluminum. For this purpose the Bosch 1508 boasts a cutting capacity of 196 inches.
  • The cutting capacity for mild steel is 165 inches.
  • If stainless steel is being cut, the shear has a cutting capacity of 135 inches.
  • The speed when not being used is 1250 SPM.
  • Left-handed users are taken into consideration so auxiliary handle mounts are present on both sides.
  • The wire and casing is double insulated which complies with OSHA.

Many power tools by other companies have the problem of being way too big for easy and convenient handling but this problem has been dealt with in this gauge shear as mentioned by a Bosch 1508 8 gauge shear review. It is quite light, weighing only 5 lbs., and pretty short in length, having a length of only 12.5 inches so it can be easily handled.  Carrying the Bosch 1508 shear around has also been made much easier by the fact that the cable measures 6 feet.

All of the aforementioned features make the Bosch 1508 an ideal product for structural fabrication shops and rolling stock manufactures etc. The shear also has a visible blade for high precision, which is especially required in storage tank manufacturing. The shear comes with a turning pin, feeler gauge, angle gauge, 5mm Allen wrench, 3mm Allen wrench and a 10mm Allen wrench. The user can use a warranty of one year against the product in case of a defect.

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