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Bosch 11536c-2

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Bosch 11536c-2…Assembling Job Effortless

Bosch 11536c-2 Litheon Rotary Hammer is a smart piece of equipment that holds two dealings in one utensil. This rotary hammer is also entitled as crash bore, stonework hammer or roto-hammer. This machine has dual stroke scheme that makes the job easier and hasty.

  • One deal of this hammer is the working of strike
  • The other deal is working of bore

Brickwork And Solid Material Graving

When Bosch 11536c-2 is in hammering mode, then it deals in a very diminutive manner that plunge the mallet to crush breakable substances and when it is in drilling mode then it provides quicker boring that consume less effort. Rotary hammer budge is a rotating mechanism while performing its thrashing job. Brickwork and solid material graving are the major tasks performed by this Bosch rotary hammer.

Bosch 11536c is a result of the superb initiative of engineers who belong to well branded company named as Bosch. Bosch is dealing with its customers in special product lines all over the globe. These product lines are binding compressor, power tools, its garnishes and attachments.

The main intention is to boost the standard of work for people in a ground-breaking and advantageous way. Bosch 11536c-2 is one of its newly added tools that perform the glorious job.

If We Take The Bosch 11536c-2 Review Then The Consequent Stipulations Are Come Into Concern

  • The impact power of this rotary hammer increases up to 1.25 ft/lbs. With this power, the machine can do bore effort and strike work very swiftly.
  • Length of the machine is very discernible and reaches to 12-1/4’’.
  • Bosch 11536c-2 has quite substantial competence for boring and thrashing that differ in material like solid, metal, brace, lumber of ¾, ½, ½, and 1-1/4 correspondingly.
  • 11536c-2 has mass not as much of other hammers and accessible in marketplace at only 6.25 lbs.
  • Rotations per minute of the tool are 0-1500.
  • Beats per minute of this rotary hammer are 0-4850.
  • This is 36 volt gear that has the press on lithium ion advancement that includes the lifelong batteries.

This machine is a superb blend of technicalities and has an immense trait of automatic crumb. So, the drillers feel free from the exhaustion of changing the cramp according to the requirement every time.

Semi Conductor In Nature

Bosch 11536c-2 has two dual motion capacities; one when thrashing is required and it’s done with alternation and the other mode is just rotary motion. This machine is of superb quality that EC motor is incorporated which is semi conductor in nature and makes power on and off by machine.

Accurate Mixture Of Swiftness

It would be better to say, that this powerful tool is the accurate mixture of swiftness, supremacy and anti tremor. Swiftness and banging of the machine gives the best feasible drilling capacity in acceptable payment offer.

This is very contented spot of Bosch 11536c-2 that the less shaking makes the laborer very passive and he can do work in less time. Readily, these rotary hammers are of gigantic traits and symbolize its organization as leading one on the planet.

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