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Bosch 1974-8D Angle Grinder – Achieve High Performance

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Though there are many angle grinders about tools present in the market, a professional will always seek the best product in the market that is currently available. Sensing the importance of high productivity and high accuracy among professionals, Bosh has introduced its large angle grinder without lock on – Bosch 1974-8D product. The main aim of introduction of this power tool on the market is to offer accuracy and the required productivity that a professional seeks from their work. Due to its sleek and handy design, the angle grinder tool can be carried by the operator even into a confined space.

Bosch 1974-8D

Bosch 1974-8D

Bosch 1974-8D Angle Grinder Best in Class Power to Weight

Bosch 1974-8D offers the best in class power to weight ratio which makes it completely convenient for the operator to achieve high finishing on the surfaces of the work piece. When compared with other large angle grinder is present in the market, the current work tool offers the lowest weight which makes it easy for the operator to carry out high-speed operations with an ease. Introduction of vibration control side and main handles completely reduces the vibrations that are produced during the operation by over 50%. As there is a complete reduction in the vibration of the power tool, the operator will achieve fine finishing and highest surface quality.

Running at 8500 rpm Bosch 1974-8D delivers the best in class speed and overall control of the power tool during an operation. With its 7 inch wheels available for grinding, one can easily increase the life of the same by over 20% when run at 6000 rpm. To prevent the power tool from dust and debris is during the operation, it has been coated with epoxy coated windings and power coated stator. This particular feature also increases the overall performance during an operation.

Bosch 1974-8D

Bosch 1974-8D

Bosch 1974-8D is powered by a 4 hp motor which is also the lightest angle grinders available in its class. It is also equipped with a dead man’s switch that now enables to carry out OSHA inspections with an ease. It is sure to be the best product available in the market that offers an excellent opportunity for an operator to achieve high quality performance and productivity at the same time. Now that you have understood in detail about the product, it is time for you to purchase the same to increase and enhance your work and achieve fruitful results in the end.

Bosch 1974-8D can be purchased from any hardware store or from any online shopping markets. The advantage of shopping online is that one will be able to look out for great deals that are offered by different websites. It is at the same place that one can also check out Bosch 1974-8D review that is posted by a user who has already purchased the product and is currently using the same. This particular feature will enable you to understand its performance and functionality in various working conditions and environments. It is a must have tool for a professional who seeks high-quality surface finish for their products.

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