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Bosch 1575A for Smooth Cutting Action on Rubber Foam

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A foam rubber cutter available the market may not reach the expectations that an operator wishes for. Sensing the demand for high-quality foam cutters, Bosch has introduced its foam rubber cutter into the market with the model number Bosch 1575A. In order to provide complete flexibility to the operator, the design of the cutter has been carried out in such a way that it easily cuts the rubber foam into desired dimensions as required. Running at 3200 SPM, the foam cutter is the best in its class present in the market. As you looking forward to for a cutter that offers high accuracy and increase in productivity, you should look forward for this product.

Bosch 1575A

Bosch 1575A Rubber Foam Cutter

Bosch 1575A Foam Rubber Cutter Benefits

Bosch 1575A is heavy duty foam cutting power tool that has the capacity to cut all densities of foam rubber and other flexible plastic foams. This particular feature makes it versatile and easy for every carpentry work to achieve the desired shape of the foam. With its quick and easy tool free blade change option, the operator will no longer have to spend excessive time in tool changing. The paddle type switch and slim motor housing makes it easy for the operator to control the power tool even during operation.

Bosch 1575A foam rubber cutter is also equipped with a double insulation which compiles to OSHA requirements. With 3.2amp and weighing at 3.3 pound, Bosch 1575A is the lightest foam rubber cutter available in its class. It’s to encounter reciprocating blade action ensures the high precision of cutting the foam which makes it easy for the operator to achieve beautiful designs according to the requirement. One can also purchase low vibration and noise footplate that can be attached to the tool to achieve perpendicular cut and prevent dragging and scratching of the tool during a cut.

Bosch 1575A

Bosch 1575A

Bosch 1575A is also equipped with a grip on the handle to ensure form hold ability to the operator. The grip also reduces the shocks and vibrations that are achieved during a cut. This ensures smooth cutting actions and increases the accuracy that an operator is willing to achieve. One can also look forward for purchase of blades, kites and footplate assemblies according to the requirement. In order to understand in detail about its functionality, one may look forward to for Bosch 1575A review. These reviews are provided by users and operators who have already purchased the product and are currently using the same to achieve high productivity and high accuracy of work.

Now that you have understood in detail about the product, it is time for you to look out for the best deal that is presently offered in the market. You can also shop for Bosch 1575A online by visiting various online shopping portals. You are requested to look out for a reputed online shopping portal that delivers you the original product. The product also comes along with a warranty which makes it easy for the operator to return back the product, in case one finds a defect in their product.

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