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Bosch GLR825 Laser Distance Measurer Review

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Do you have what it takes to measure everything in one single click? Or having all your measurement tools into one small compact device? Have you taken a little bit too much of your time calculating the exact measure of your house or desired constructed building? Well here it is, Bosch glr825 laser distance measurer is one of the most amazing measurement tool of all time and yes, it’s the latest one ever created by Bosch. This Bosch glr825 review will provide you references and good illustrations about how this can be of useful to you.

Bosch glr825 Specifications

When we look back at the past, we have experienced using a tape measurement, ruler, bubble leveler, calipers, etc. but have we wondered about putting all of these measurements into one device? Bosch glr825 laser distance measurer is been introduced as a small sized device to calculate every piece of you desired angle. Whether your job is outdoor or just indoor, this tool can help you and give you very accurate calculations in just a few seconds of clicking. It has 825 ft. laser measuring range that provides you only to stand and pose for a few minutes.

Through Many Technologies Presented

The worlds of construction also become more reliable to this new technologies presented by. One of the most amazing works of measurement creation is also this for it can cover through wide range of measurement such as: area, length, volume, double indirect, single indirect, minimum / maximum, stake out, trapezoid, combined indirect length, timer measurement, multi – surface area, etc. Could you ask for more than this? Bosch glr825 is all you need.

Bosch glr825 laser distance measurer has controller keypad that is really a friendly device that allows you to understand controller menu you want to provide. With its slim and small compact device, you might say that it looks like an older version of cellular phone. And it’s quite amazing that whenever you need it, you just have to lurk inside your pocket due to its economical size and portable device. Aside from standing, the device can also be sat on its stand that provides more accuracy and prevents unwanted movements.

This is also a good way to provide you good calculations onto your measurements. It has memory card that saves your measurement to provide safety and not losing your important data. Bosch glr825 has its laser on top of it as the major lens to be pointed whenever you want to make a measurement.

Good Accurate Calculations

And aside from that, this device can also provide a good calculations to some angles that has a difficult to measure just like measuring an angle while hanging on to side of a wall. It’s really quite amazing to have this kind of device that provides a good result whenever you are in constructions or even at home.

Bosch glr825 laser distance measurer is a newly released device after the success appearance of Bosch glr225 laser distance measurer that has only a limited amount of features. The introduction of Bosch glr825 became a good eye catcher to many engineers, construction workers and the like. Hence it began as one of the fastest measurement ever made.

Aside from that, this new device has new features that makes older version obsolete in terms of its capacity to drive more than this latest device can offer and these are: Multi-Measure-Modes, Multi-Function Pins for Best Precise Measuring, Has a built-in bubble leveler to provide assistance while taking measurements, IP54 Water and Dust Protection, 852 ft maximum measuring range, 1.6x Magnification for Measuring Distances and well understandable keys and tool menus. With all of these, I think you will never believe that this small device can obtain a lot more than what you expected to see.

There are many users that don’t complain about Bosch glr825 laser distance measurer 5 since it’s more accurate and more reliable. Deleting those older apparatuses for measurement while replacing this is a bit of relief because it does not only provide accuracy but also the amount of time consumption is only for a few minutes.

The price is also worth it because it only ranges from USD 350 up to USD 430. I mean what you could ask more on this product when all of your measurement need is in here?  Try Bosch glr825 laser distance measurer and you will not regret on to your measurement.

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