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Bosch 11236VS – The Best Rotary Hammer In the Market

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There has been a tremendous increase in usage of power tools cross different industries. The reason behind this is to achieve increase in productivity rate and also at the same time increase the accuracy that can be achieved at work. Sensing the importance of the demand in the market, Bosch has introduced many power tools in the market. The latest addition to their power tools family is the Bosch 11236VS SDS rotary hammer. This produce has been specially designed to deliver high power and performance at an affordable price. It is considered as the best product available in the market in its class.

Bosch 11236VS

Bosch 11236VS Rotary Hammer

Benefits of Having a Bosch 11236VS

Bosch 11236VS offers variable speed option to the operator which makes it convenient for them to choose the best possible speed according to the operation. One can choose a speed anywhere between 0-3900 BPM. Another important functionality of the tool is the tool free change bit option. This completely reduces the time to change the tool according to the operation. Depending on the operation that has to be performed, the operator can select three different modes – rotation only, rotary hammer and hammer only. This makes it completely convenient for the operator to perform the task with ease.

Choosing the right operation mode will also increase the tool life and overall performance of the tool. 11236VS Bosch meets all the requirements as stated in OSHO. The power tool comes with a hard plastic case which offers the rigidness which is required to withstand the vibrations that are developed during operation. In order to provide complete safety to the operator, the front end handle of Bosch 11236VS comes with a grip which reduces even the shocks and vibrations by over 40% in comparison to other tools in the market. This increases the efficiency of the power tool and also increases the productivity at work place to the operator.

Bosch 11236VS

Bosch 11236VS

Bosch 11236VS host of other features such as multifunction selector for choosing the right mode for operation, variable speed selector, lock positioning feature making it convenient for the operator to lock the chisel in 36 different positions to increase the working angle, padded rear handle to reduce vibrations, the 360 degree auxiliary handle which is equipped with depth gauge to achieve consistent drilling depth. With integral clutch present in the power tool, it is easy for the operator to achieve minimized torque reactions.

Well, this is about Bosch 11236VS. Now that you have the complete specification about the product, it is time that you choose the product over others. You can also check out Bosch 11236VS review in order to understand the performance and its functionality. As there are many websites and stores present across the market, you will have to check out Bosch 11236VS price to look for the best deal. Make sure you have visited the best website which has good reputation for which it will deliver you original and quality product from Bosch which even carries with it a one year warranty.

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