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Bosch 11321evs … A Novel Rotary Hammer!!!

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Bosch USA is a prestigious company that has earned respect and popularity by producing a wide range of matchless power tools and their accessories. Professionals everywhere recognizes and shows loyalty to this company due to the functionality and compatibility of its products. Bosch 11321evs is a high tech rotary demolition hammer that is widely used for destruction purposes. It has the capability to work effectively on different materials and so is a very useful tool for construction workers. 

Bosch 11321evs

Bosch 11321evs … A Novel Rotary Hammer

Bosch 11321evs is powered by a massive motor that delivers very high torque and impact energy.  The auto max variable speed dial gives maximum speed every time the tool is turned on.  Moreover, constant response circuitry system maintains speed when the tool is working under load. This ensures that the hammer functions perfectly during the toughest of working conditions. Despite its massive performance this tool produces very less sound and so is quite user friendly.

 Bosch 11321evs Review Divulges the Following Subsequent Features of this Device: 

  • The SDS max bit system permits free of tool bit changes with automatic bit locking.
  • The constant response circuitry system provides smooth and trouble free starting of hammer.
  • The power light of Bosch 11321evs indicates to the user that power feed is live.
  • There is also a service minder light installed that shines when there is a need of preventive maintenance.
  • The patented cord turret enhances flexibility and minimizes wearing of cord.
  • This device is easy to work within dark areas due to the integrated LED that provides sufficient light. 

Bosch 11321evs is a marvelous utensil that is highly easy and convenient to use. Its surprisingly low weight despite of its huge power output increases the portability and makes the device trouble free to use even in narrow places. The active vibration control system reduces vibration while the vibration reduction handle further helps in minimizing vibration thus enhancing user comfort. Furthermore, the handle of Bosch 11321evs SDS-MAX demolition hammer is also crafted from soft material that permits trouble free working for long time without any fatigue or tenseness. The temperature control system keeps the motor cool for prevention of overheating. 

Bosch 11321evs

Bosch 11321evs

Listed below are the specs of Bosch 11321evs: 

  • The operating current of motor is 13 amperes
  • The tool delivers an impact energy of 9.6 Foot- Pounds
  • Maximum blows per minute have a range of 1,300-2,900 BPM
  • Cord length is 8 feet
  • Length of the tool is 18-1/2 inches
  • The weight is as low as 13.6 ponds 

Bosch 11321evs comes with different accessories that contribute to the productivity of hammer. These include a 360 degrees auxiliary handle that provides optimized grip and a carrying case that ensures safe and easy transport of the device. 11321evs is a spectacular product that is best in its class of hammers and delivers ultimate performance. It is a representative product of Bosch that features inimitability and perfection of work. It is an ideal tool for the demolition of concrete, bricks as well as cinder blocks.

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