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Bosch 11265EVS Spline Hammer – Get The Unmatched Power

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Bosch has introduced variety of power tools to capture the increasing demand for quality power tools in different sectors of engineering services. The recent addition to their family of power tools is Bosch 11265EVS. The combination hammer provides the best possible action that a professional would like to achieve from a powerful tool. The product has been specially designed in order to cater to the mechanical, carpentry and electronic industries where high accuracy and mass productivity play a vital role. It has been voted as the best Rotary Hammer present in its class by users who are using the product.

Bosch 11265EVS

Bosch 11265EVS Spline Hammer

Bosch 11265EVS Spline Hammer

Speaking about Bosch 11265EVS, the spline combination hammer as an unmatched power to weight ratio – 13amp. Weighing in at 14.3 pounds, the combination hammer tool delivers 8.1 feet lbs of impact energy which makes it the special product in its class. The high delivery of energy makes it easy for a professional to carry out tough jobs with an ease. Apart from this, the product has been developed along with active vibration control in order to reduce the vibrations that are caused due to hammering actions and offer maximum comfortability to the operator in holding onto the power tool.

11265EVS contains the constant response circuitry which maintains the speed under load and overload protection. This particular feature enables the operator to set and carry out the work with an ease and high accuracy. Bosch 11265EVS also contains the Turbo Power which delivers an additional 20% of more power when the mode is set to hammering. This option is useful for an operator who finds it difficult to drive a particular set of screw at a constant speed or pressure. With active vibration control present in the tool, one will be able to reduce the shocks and vibrations that are developed during an operation.

Bosch 11265EVS

Bosch 11265EVS

Bosch 11265EVS also contains auto max speed dial which makes it possible for the operator to ensure the maximum speed attained by the power tool every time it is switched on. Another important feature the power tool boasts is the service minder light which indicates the requirement to carry out preventive maintenance. The operator will no longer is the maintenance period and will achieve high performance over the years. The patented cord turret available, one will be able to reduce the cord wear drastically. Check out Bosch 11265EVS review that are available on different websites to understand the functionality of the product.

You can sign up for a website where you will see able to interact with members to understand about the functionality and the power tool performance in a particular job site. Bosch 11265EVS is the best available spline combination hammer in its class that offers high performance and high power required for a professional who is seeking high productivity and accuracy at their job sites. 11265EVS review will be helpful for you to locate the best dealer present in a particular locality or the best available online shopping market. It is a must have tool for a professional that enhances their reputation in the market. 

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