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Bosch 1775e 5-inch Tuckpoint Grinder Review

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Tuckpointing is not very popular nowadays but still many people use it for their home as art as well as for strong walls. The old ways of tuckpointing a wall could take long hours to finish and also became a little bit dangerous. Hence, this Bosch 1775e review is here to solve your problem.

This new set of grinder has introduced not only one size but a various sizes depending on your choice and as a matter of fact, the diamond blade Bosch 1775e is a lot easier in raking brick joints as well as making it finer in the eyes.  With its latest powered motor, the speed of diamond blade became as fast and reliable in tuckpointing and raking the brick wall mortars.

Bosch 1775e and its Features

You will not complain anything about this tuckpoint grinder because Bosch 1775e has it all to summarize your efforts. With its strong penetration on the brick wall, you really need to cover your face and body that has something to do to prevent the rocks flying towards your injury.

Other than that, Bosch 1775 Bosch 1775e 5-inch Tuckpoint Grinder is also a very interesting tool for your own safety and efficient works. As a matter of fact, this tool has a dust vacuum included that prevents you from being disturb to dusts as well as not making you sneeze or cough after your work. This fast and reliable vacuum is also included into the set so there is no worry of buying a new one.

Many people has complaints on to the vacuum because we all know that there are a lot of tuckpoint grinders that contain a small amount of power to absorb all the dust in the air. Bosch 1775e 5-inch Tuckpoint Grinder guarantees that you will not even smell the dust and prevent from attacking your eyes.

The angle of the Bosch 1775e tuckpoint grinder has been enhanced to its utmost efficient way to help you into the walls of your basement. In fact, the handle of the grinder is been uplifted as if it’s more like 45 degrees between the blade and the handle itself to get more lean on the wall to allow the grinder penetrate more on the walls or mortars.

Hence, even a single person will enjoy and be glad on to this new type of tuckpointing equipments because of its good quality and style to provide you a well simple but a very satisfying product for constructions as well as a perfect design for your home.

Many have a strong reaction on to the label that Bosch 1775e diamond blade is sold separately. But no worries since this new set provide you a 5-inch diamond blade free! It does cost much when we talk about this new kind of blade since it is a dry blade that doesn’t require water for its coolant.

This blade is also among the big size of the Bosch diamond blade in which you can say that it cost a lot. Provided by this product, it’s free and yes you heard it on the right spot. It’s an “All in one package” after all.

The price of this set does not cost much. In fact, the price starts beyond the zone of USD 300 and it’s quite amazing that the life span of this produce does not affect you after all. Since many tuckpointing equipments have been introduced, this one might say that it could take you longer for you to complain its defectiveness.

Bosch provides customer not only affordability but also for the satisfaction of every customers dropping by. Hence, these three equipments are set into one package set: Bosch 1775E 5-Inch Tuckpoint Grinder; Bosch VAC005 5-Meter Vacuum Hose 35mm; Bosch VAC004 2-1/2 Inch Hose to 35mm Dust Hose Port Adapter .  Above all, you don’t need to spent a lot on your brick wall mortars since it’s affordable and a well reliable tool.

Overall, this product might really astound you and would not believe for its many offers and affordability but really, this product is something you need to have. The price will not affect your pocket and will make use of it longer than what you expected.

You can use it anytime and you don’t need to bring five or more sets to do business with tuckpointing but all you need is this three set in which you can say that it is also portable and economical in terms of its weight and equipment parts. Need tuckpointing and raking to your wall? Bosch 1775e 5-inch Tuckpoint Grinder is here, at your service.

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