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The Many Attributes Of This Fascinating Bosch 1773ak…A Vibration-Free Ergonomic Tool

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Top-Notch Quality

Bosch 1773ak is a product that assures top-notch quality for various segments of the construction industry. Since the parts were meant to rupture and breakdown, these power tools were projected for lesser wear and tear. Therefore, these tools are identified and utilized by all types of components, for life-time.

1773ak is a Bosch concrete-surface grinding tool that is used to smooth floor pavements, eliminate graffiti, figure slabs and piers, weather shabby paint, formwork protrusion and seam, and sparkle concrete planes prior to applying finishes of paint.

Bosch 1773ak is designed to perform work on time and in a right way. Even inexperienced people can control this grinder, which is why it is widely-used in the construction industry and for household activities.

The Bosch 1773ak

Several Attributes Of This Fascinating Bosch 1773ak

The Bosch 1773ak has the following functionalities:

• Surface of the concrete is cleaned by a 10-AMP grinder

• Two-fold, fastened, ball-bearings along with 2-inch, lip-sealing, shielding, which gives assurance of cleanliness

• Wheel diameter of 5 inches

• 120V AC system of battery

• Double insulation as well as UL listed for complying with OSHA

• 13.75 inches length and 5.95 lbs weight

• 5/8 inches – 11 spindle required to escalate function

Bosch 1773ak reviews have, apparently, disclosed that the grinder is perfect for refurbishing and de-burring type functions. The other features of this grinder include:

• For handling of the Bosch 1773ak, auxiliary wrapping on the handle is provided.

• It is secured from unmitigated exploitation of applications, because the lock is augmented.

• The Bosch 1773ak grinder is protected from overloading and maintains the speed through the TM circuit.

• It also has a shield pair that controls the power of the tool, every time after failure of power supply.

• For extending the life of the system, a switch is plastered in it.

• MinderTM light is used for steady flow of grinder, which indicates the need of pre-emptive maintenance.

• Wheels can be changed swiftly by taking assistance from the spindle lock system.

Thanks to its vigorous motor, even the most tough job can be done by the Bosch 1773ak. Wheels are designed with segments of high-grade diamond to offset the head crush for precision. It is free from dirt as the port and vacuum adapter are sealed in it. It is not only slim but also ergonomic to reduce operator fatigue. No doubt, it is an incredible grinder.

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