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Bosch 83038 … A Highly Productive Template Kit!!!

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Bosch USA is among the most well established and renowned brand names in the world. It has demonstrated its legitimacy through its matchless and high performance power tools and their accessories. Bosch is named as the best power tools producer by professionals due to perfectness of its devices. On the other hand, Bosch 83038 is considered a spectacular deluxe door and jamb hinge template kit of Bosch that has a diverse array of applications. It is one of the most useful metal adjustable template kits available in market.


Bosch 83038 makes the fixation of new doors or window panels free of trouble as it works with both metal and wood. The holes in rails help in the engaging ball bearings on template frames to preclude changing of hinge layout in case the tool drops on end.

Bosch 83038

Bosch 83038 Hinge

Bosch 83038 Hinge Size Can Be Switched Swiftly

Furthermore, the hinge size can be switched swiftly for different door thicknesses. This voids the need for any new full size template to match the thickness of door. Bosch 83038 is quite adjustable and thus permits matching of hinge layout for new doors and the jams to the old ones.

The rails further enhance adjustment via swift matching of any type of hinge layout. There are also 2 top guides of different lengths available to accommodate any top hinge spacing in the field. This high adjustability enhances user ease by permitting trouble free attachment of doors and windows.

Bosch 83038 review exposes the following features of this kit:

• It allows for remodeling that is the connection of new door in old mortised jamb.

• The centered connecting rails are important for providing good balance.

• It transfers directly from jamb to door or door to jamb with hinges on either side of the door.

• Bosch 83038 works perfectly regardless of whether stops are installed or not.

• It disassembles without requiring any alterations in hinge size or door thickness adjustments

• Template guide is required for efficient working.

Bosch 83038 is an incredible tool for construction work as it works with any router that has a 1/2″ mortising bit and 5/8″ template guide. For added convenience, it works even for 5/8″ radius hinges with a 1 1/4″ mortising bit and 1 3/8″ template guide.

Bosch 83038

Bosch 83038

Strong Metal That Resists Deformation

The hinges are made from strong metal that resists deformation or breakage in case of falls or impacts and so enhances the working life of the kit. This strong and productive hinges give smooth rotation so that doors and windows can be opened easily without need of any physical effort.

Bosch 83038 comes with a wide variety of accessories that include metal case, extra long top gauge assembly and also regular top gauge assembly. Large tough nails are also incorporated that resists breakage.

Bosch 83038 deluxe door and jamb hinge template kit is a novel product of Bosch that has made fastening of doors and window frames much easier than ever. It is indeed an exquisite and innovative template kit that is an ideal tool for woodworkers, builders as well as household users.

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