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Why Bosch Cag180-01 Grinder Kit Is Proffered To Do Multiple Tasks

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Pole Powerful Motor

The bosch cag180-01 grinder kit is a very important tool that can be used for multiple kinds of tasks without loosing the quality of work done. It is possible to get finest results with the help of bosch cag180-01 grinder kit, due to the presence of a high-class four pole powerful motor.

This motor is specially manufactured for this model, and it will provide necessary force for cutting and grinding of numerous products. This is an ideal tool for grinding as well as cutting of different-sized metal sheets, ceramic tiles and rock pieces with accuracy.

Bosch Cag180-01

Bosch Cag180-01 Grinder Kit

Advance Quality Features

The grinder kit namely bosch cag180-01 contains a longest run time in class due to the presence of a lithium ion rechargeable battery with some advance quality features. This tool is manufactured to work for 25% more running time due to the improvement in its lithium ion rechargeable battery.

The total weight of this tool is only 5 pounds, and its length is almost 12.6 inches that make it a perfect and handy tool for working without worrying about any worker fatigue.

Optimized Gear Design

The special technology used in its manufacturing is known to be as ECP and FPS that will be workable for Fat Packs or slim pack and also monitor battery life. The bosch cag180-01 grinder kit also famous for providing maximum battery life for multipurpose use. It is possible to obtain 10000 RPM due to an optimized gear design that is attached to its powerful motor.

If you are looking for a best combination of power and speed, then this cag180-01 grinder kit is a most suitable choice. The charger included in the box of this grinder is specially designed to recharge the battery within 30 minutes that is an amazing speed of recharge.

You will feel easier to change wheel of bosch cag180-01 grinder kit without extra effort. A protection guard is also present in this toolkit that will provide necessary safety to its workers in any work load condition.

Provide Easier Working Without The Help Of A Professional

You will feel comfort by using this tool even for a long period of time because it contains a side assits handle on an exact place. A user manual or guide is also provided in the box of this grinder, and it will provide easier working without the help of a professional.

The abrasion rate per battery charge available in this bosch cag180-01 grinder kit is impossible to see in any other similar tool, and it have been proven from bosch cag180-01 review.

This tool is present in a plastic casing that will make it possible to move from one place to another without damaging its blade or power cords. The cut-off wheel of this tool is very sharp, and it will be in a working condition for a long period of time due to carbide tips.

It is a very nice grinding kit with numerous useful and unique features that are impossible to see in other tools. The entire features of bosch cag180-01 grinder kit makes it one of the most reliable products in class.

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