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Bosch GLL3-80… A Sensitive Yet Powerful Laser


The Bosch gll3-80 laser is highly demanded in the market and only requires simple settings. And, the rest of the leveling functions will be done perfunctorily. An operator can use the high-level laser tool, by using it with a work-site tool, for performing various kinds of jobs.

This tremendous machine can be used with a tripod or mount, which has been included in the kit, or can also be used alone. Along with this, Bosch provides the user with both vertical and horizontal planes by only pushing a solitary switch.

The Basic Features Of The Bosch gll3-80 Are

  • Plane coverage: A fully horizontal or vertical coverage can be achieved by the 360-degree, broad-ranged, laser for boosting the uses of its operations.
  • No rotation: there isn’t any kind of rotation, which results in savings of battery power.
  • Red laser: there is a 90-degree red laser line and electronic self-leveling.
  • Magnetic Standing base: can be attached to metals, easily.
  • Solitary switch: The solitary switch use requires little guidance and can be worked easily.
  • Pulse laser method: The method in the Bosch gll3-80, with a receiver, can be used to cover larger spaces or brilliant light.
  • Secure lock: when this unit is turned off, the transport lock secures the pendulum.
  • Pendulum system: The self-leveling pendulum system can also indicate out-of-level conditions.

Bosch gll3-80, being weighty and extremely sensitive, can be protected from jerks by keeping it inside its foam-lined carry case. For any above 4-degree elevation level, the instrument gives a beep so that it can be modified by the user. A particular position can be locked with the Bosch gll3-80 laser. Once the positioning is done, it can be locked in-spot for easy transport and protection of the pendulum.

Bosch gll3-80 Review Provides Specifications As

  • Precision : up to +/- ¼ – in at 100 feet
  • Laser diode is class II and 630-670nm
  • Mount threading offered is ¼-20, 5/8–11
  • Nature of leveling: self, up to 4 degrees
  • Operates at temperatures of 14F-113F or 10C-45C
  • Distance range of 65 feet
  • Tool weighs 8.2 pounds

This model includes a stand, with adjustment knob, so exact height of level can be configured. The base can be set on the tripod using the ¼-inch and 5/8-inch threads. The power for leveling is delivered by the batteries. The sophisticated Bosch gll3-80 offers a 360-degree laser system. The instrument’s security mechanism preserves it from water and dust. The laser is so efficient that people would not choose to replace it with any other system.

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