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The Most Striking And Diverse Features of The Bosch PB 360D – Technology With Superiority


Bosch pb360d, having solid protective aluminum enclosure, works proficiently in any working condition. Radio is one of those cable-free tools in which power is broadcasted by making use of the incessant rhythm of electromagnetic fields.  The sound configuration of this radio is specifically designed to cater to the needs of customers.

Users can enjoy their work by using this device because it can smoothly work up to a height of 40 feet. It provides entertainment to customers of all age groups.

Bosch pb 360d comprises a beautifully-designed, climate-resistant system, which adds to the work strength and durability of this device.

The Technical Details or Main Features of this Product are as Follows

  • Premium sound: surrounds everyone with 360 degrees of premium stereo sound.
  • Speakers: contains 4 speakers along with subwoofer to produce sound in every direction at the same time.
  • Lithium-ion batteries: Bosch pb 360d radio comes with 18V lithium-ion batteries and an integrated charger.
  • Function of SD card: easy downloading of music and enhanced speed of working because of SD card.
  • Digital tuner: having line out competencies included in this radio in alignment with an auxiliary SD and USB.
  • FM/AM: pb 360d offers 10AM and 20FM presets to its customers.
  • Frequency: Bosch pb 360d offers middle and high frequencies.
  • Auxiliary inputs: facilitates the user by providing inputs for playing mp3 player, portable satellite receivers, CD player, and ipods.
  • Power plug: a 12V power plug, having cigarette-like appearance, is also incorporated in this radio and can be used to recharge mobile phones.
  • USB port: uses an excellent USB Port.
  • Antenna: A good standard is also put in it.

Bosch pb360d provides enriched stereo sound. There are some useful outlets in this beautiful and luxurious box, which can be used for connecting different devices. These extra outlets are the gateway to the new technology in this box. FM receptions integrated in this radio are the most fantabulous in its category.

Bosch PB 360D Reviews Reveal the Following Attributes

  • It can offer sound productiveness of 50 watts.
  • This radio also has a satellite port named as SIRIUS.
  • A 4-way power outlet is included in this power box radio, named as GFCI.
  • Remote control with storage on board.
  • A back-lit dashboard is included to give lucid view.
  • A 12V DC adapter.
  • 3.5 mm is the dimension of the stereo mini jack.
  • It weights 27 pounds.

Bosch pb 360d is a matchless power box radio having sky-scraping performance. It can offer the best amusement with the help of its premium sound. This is one of the precisely-manufactured modern radios, which can be used for any kind of jobsite or other outdoor working places. Portability of this power box radio is one of its top-quality features. This unmatchable device has splendid features, which makes it a luxuriant power box.

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