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All About A Variety Of Features Of Bosch 11240 SDS Max Combination Drill Hammer

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Very Famous For Its Max Bit System

The bosch 11240 combination hammer is very famous for its max bit system that is of an SDS type that will provide an easier bit change. You can also observe an automatic bit locking system in this bosch 11240 combination hammer drive. Likewise, the protection system provided for removing dust is also of an efficient quality.

The other important feature of this combination hammer is a dual mode selector for two kinds of operations that is hammer only and rotary hammer modes. The locking system of this tool is of a wonderful quality and known as a vario-locking system.

Bosch 11240

Bosch 11240 SDS Max Combination Drill Hammer

Possible To Work In Any Direction

It is possible to work in 12 different positions with bosch 11240 combination hammer due to the presence of vario lock attached to chisel. You will obtain an optimize-able working angle with the help of this tool. It is possible to work in any direction with the help of this tool due to the presence of an auxiliary handle.

This handle will provide easiness for working in 360 degrees without any extra effort. Therefore, the movement of this tool is not limited to a single direction as happened in previous versions.

Integral Clutch Present In This Tool

There is also an integral clutch present in this tool that will minimize the reaction produced because of torque action. The initial torque produced in this bosch 11240 combination hammer is very less, and it will provide longer life to the powerful motor. In the same way, a best quality and accurate working is easily possible using this tool.

There is no need to use any other hammer drill if you have this particular model namely 11240 bosch at your workshop. Its motor is designed to work using 10 amps of current and as a result enough working force is produced for accurate working.

Combination Hammer Drill Machine

The dual-mode selector of this tool is one of the best options in-class, and therefore, you can perform direct hammering with the help this bosch 11240 combination hammer drill machine. This function will work without using any rotation system and can drill a hole even in a very hard concrete wall with accurate measurements.

The shape of this tool is exactly designed to produce the maximum level of comfort for its user, and hence, a worker fatigue is minimized to easily bearable level. In the same way, a quick bit changing of this tool will provide more time for working than any other machine with similar properties.

Most Environment-Friendly

The dust produced during working on bosch 11240 combination hammer is very less and so, you can call this tool as a most environment-friendly tool in the world. The impact energy produced in this mco 11240 hammer is of an extra ordinary quality and it is so much forceful that cannot be compared to any other brand.

The motor used in this tool is of a special type of brushless motor. Its maintenance is a very easier process, and you can do it yourself with the help of a professional technician. It is cleared from bosch 11240 review that, a hammer with a maximum number of qualities is only this particular bosch 11240 combination hammer.

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