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The Un-Matching Features Of Bosch 11264evs Combination Hammer

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Un-Matching Weight To Power Ratio

A bosch 11264evs is an important model of a combination hammer with un-matching weight to power ratio. It is engineered to work using 13 amps of current and as a result the impact energy produced with this tool ranges from 8.1 to 14.3 feet per pound. This bosch 11264evs rotary hammer can be considered as a one of the best hammers in the class of similar tools.

The most striking feature of this tool is its anti-vibration characteristics that make it unique from other brands. The vibration reduction mechanism of this tool in addition to a less weight provides a best level of comfort for a worker.

The Bosch 11264evs

Features Of Bosch 11264evs Combination Hammer

Combination Hammer Effortlessly For A Longer Period Of Time

Therefore, any person can use this bosch 11264evs combination hammer effortlessly for a longer period of time. The SDS max system provided in this tool has its own significance for bit replacement easier than ever before in previous versions of similar tools. This feature is very much necessary for increasing productivity level at any jobsite location.

There is also a constant response circuitry system present in this tool, and this mechanism will provide a best level of control and a stable speed even in a heavy work load condition.

Similarly, another important and unique feature of this bosch 11264evs combination hammer is its overloaded protection system that will save its internal parts from any damage while it is in a running condition. There is also a turbo-power mode present in this 11264evs bosch hammer that will produce almost 20% more power if you are working on this tool using its ‘hammer only’ mode.

Very Useful Locking System

A very useful locking system has been installed in this 11264evs hammer that is manufactured to stop this machine in a very less time to get an accurate quality result. It is possible to lock and rotate to chisel in 12 dissimilar positions according to the needs of a work.

A variable-speed dial can be seen in this bosch 11264evs combination hammer that is capable of producing maximum power and speed every time during work or when you have switched on this machine. The service minder light is also a unique quality feature of this model, and it will indicate the normal working stage of working, and if maintenance is required, then this light will turn on automatically.

Extra Ordinary Excellence

Likewise, a power cord provided in this tool is of an extra ordinary excellence, and it will be never overheated even after a longtime use. The auxiliary side handle given in this bosch 11264evs combination hammer is capable of working in a 360 degrees direction, and for this reason, it is possible to work in any direction with no compromise on the quality of final work.

If you want to transport this tool from your workshop to any far away jobsite location, you can use its harder casing. This casing is made up of an unbreakable plastic material, and therefore, it will save this tool from any kind of damage.

Likewise, a shock-absorbing technology has been used in its handle as mentioned in a bosch 11264evs review, and as a result the vibrations produced in this tool are bearable. The power of this bosch 11264evs combination hammer is sufficient to complete a variety of tasks of drilling in many kinds of sheets.

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