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Bosch 11264evs…Massive Tremor Free Technology


Bosch 11264evs is one of its amazing results and the tremor scheming system is now injected on this new apparatus. Bosch is a well set up of the most inventive name in the turf of hi-tech power utensils and the trimmings. The most novel products that the Bosch has made include the innovative idea of making technology without the production of pulsation. 

Safety Frills Are Embedded In It

Bosch 11264evs represents its company, as the most steadfast, preeminent worth and proficient organization that majorly focus on eminence and contented modification in its manufacture. This product is quite featured tool as many safety frills are embedded in it.

This 11264evs Bosch machine has the original cable tower instead of artificial that almost diminishes the cable sport and swells the functionality of the hammer. When there is any sort of defensive repairs is required then service protector beam is available in the hammer. The duty of this light is to signify this protector beam.

Robotically Speed Dial System

Every craftsman feels easy when his tool works in an incredibly swift manner. Bosch 11264evs facilitates its users in this respect. This tool has robotically speed dial system that varies up to maximum intensity when the crafters bowed on this machine for the thrashing use.One the most technical superiority about this hammer is that it’s carve spins in 12 special miraculous poses and bolt carve in which pose it is thrashing the concrete mechanically.

Turbo Power Aspect

Moreover, extra power is supplied when the tool is in beating position because of its turbo power aspect. Bosch 11264evs combination hammer is an incredibly heavy-duty tool that has the capacity to work both in load and above load as well. Speed of work is sustained in each and every aspect of working load.

Additionally, one given tool-free system of 11264evs, amends the bit quite easily and hence more output is attained as incentive. When there is need to close the machine due to security then light blooms on the engine so that precautionary actions can be taken.

Following Are The Some Amendments That Make The Product Unique In Its Line

  • Amperage blow of Bosch 11264evs is reached up to level of 13.0.
  • Both hammers in this model have a tremendous working range of 1700-2900 BPM and 170-340 RPM that performs its capabilities in a best working milieu.
  • SDS-Max quality of vessel puts a great contribution with the rest of tool that makes the device super class in recital in a variety of applications.
  • Maximum capacity of the machine for each surface is different. For concrete, maximum hole width is 1-5/8 inches and with core bit maximum hole width is 4-1/8 inches.

Bosch 11264evs review shows that this device is quite striking and valuable and this product is of terrific potential to work on one side, and security specialty in it indulged the dangers on other side. Bosch 11264evs has two modes of action; one is just hammer approach and the second one is hammer plus rotation approach. Bosch 11264evs is really a big deal presented by Bosch manufacture group.

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