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A Variety Of Characteristics Of A Bosch 11316evs Demolition Hammer

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Well-Known For The Presence Of A SDS-Max Bit System

A bosch 11316evs demolition hammer is well-known for the presence of a SDS-Max bit system with an additional feature of tool-less bit change. There is an automatic bit locking system present in this tool with a unique quality dust protection mechanism. The impact energy rate present in this bosch 11316evs hammer is maximum in class and cannot be seen in any other brand.

There is also a variable-speed dial present in this 11316evs hammer, and it will provide a best level of controlled chipping applications in a variety of tasks. You can also observe a constant response circuitry in this bosch 11316evs demolition hammer that is used to provide a softer start in any condition.

This circuitry is also useful for providing a stable speed of working even if it is being used as a heavy-duty tool.

The Bosch 11316evs

Characteristics Of A Bosch 11316evs Demolition Hammer

An Overload A Protection System

The internal parts may be damaged in many low quality brands, but in case of this tool an overload a protection system is present to save its parts from any damage. You can also observe a Service Minder Light in this demolition hammer, and this light is specially used for the indication of appropriate time when maintenance is necessary before a next task.

This feature of the bosch 11316evs demolition hammer will be very useful to increase the lifetime of the whole machine to many years without showing any serious problems in basic functions.

The other important function of this tool is its Vario-Locking system that will provide necessary safety to a worker. This vario-lock is capable of rotating and locking system of this bosch 11316evs sds-max demolition hammer will allow its chisel to work in 12 variable directions according to an optimized working angle.

Obtain A Best Level Of Accuracy

If you are working in this optimized and the most suitable angle to complete any task, it is possible to obtain a best level of accuracy. The bosch 11316evs demolition hammer is widely used by plumbers, electricians, wood workers, and general building contractor for multiple tasks.

Once you have purchased this tool, then you are not required to select another in the future, because this tool has been designed to be in a working condition for a long period of time. There is not a single drawback of using this hammer due to the excellent quality of its internal parts.

Many Kinds Of Work Done At A Faster Speed

You can consider this tool as a versatile for many kinds of work done at a faster speed. There will be no compromise on the accuracy of working using this bosch 11316evs demolition hammer.

The total weight of this tool is less than 23 pounds, and therefore, you can transport it effortlessly from a workshop to any work-site location. Likewise, the motor used in this model contains one of the best internal wiring that is made from heat resistant material.

Therefore, this 11316evs bosch hammer will remain in a working condition without any increase in its internal temperature. The impact energy provided by this tool is un-matching to other brands available in the market, and it is possible to obtain 1890 blows per minute with the help of a bosch 11316evs demolition hammer.

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