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Bosch 11221dvs…A Multi-Use Mallet!!!


The Bosch 11221dvs rotary hammer is a great product that can easily replace other hammers, in the market. A lot of effort has been taken to produce this product, which guarantees the maximum productivity. The quality of the tool is impressive, providing an operator with balance and control. This product is contrived by Bosch, which is at the top in the power instrument sector, for more than a hundred years now.

Can Be Easily Used For Over-Head And Down-Ward Drilling Purposes

Bosch has ensured that the device offers ease and maximizes performance, at the same time. The gripping mechanism of the hammer is properly connected with the trigger, as a result, it takes into consideration varied physical types. The head of the Bosch 11221dvs is crafted in such as way that it can be easily used for over-head and down-ward drilling purposes.

The tool has applied ergonomics in making the handle D-shaped. The three, sixty-degree, offset-assisting handle permits users to work in tight places. The weight of the tool is also less, making it easier to hold.

The SDS-plus bit system in the 11221dvs uses specialized bits and is particularly convenient for those users who require different chisels and bits, for their various applications. Typically SDS bits are requisite of heavy-duty jobs. Bosch 11221dvs also has a locking mechanism that locks the bit, by pulling the chuck and letting it fall back into its place.

Convenience Of Easy Bit Removal And Insertion

Another locking mechanism allows the user to adjust the hammer in about thirty-six varied positions, which is subject to the nature of the application. It permits the tool to strike with the maximum force but avoids bit damage, at the same time. It also offers the convenience of easy bit removal and insertion, without the need for any tool.

To prevent the work area from becoming a mess and ensuring that it stays clean, there is a combination of different techniques in the Bosch 11221dvs dust-gathering system. The brush plate is patented and is designed to provide maximum power, in both directions.

Multi-Purpose Functionality Voids The Hassle Of Purchasing Different Tools

There are three functions that the device can do – simple rotation, rotary hammer function, and hammer-mode function. This multi-purpose functionality voids the hassle of purchasing different tools.

Furthermore, the robust tool also includes a changeable speed backward trigger, to ensure that the bit is starting at the precise movement. It can also be used to remove the bits. The constant response TM circuit sustains a persistent-speed, even when it is under pressure.

This mechanism also protects the Bosch 11221dvs tool from overloading. The company’s products are very famous because of their quality and convenience, making Bosch the right choice for self-serviced or heavy-duty applications.

Bosch 11221dvs reviews state that the users have been satisfied with the tool, because of its sophisticated use of technology and ease of operation. The combination of its weight and the power makes the Bosch 11221dvs a very useful tool, for home-based applications. Being useful for home-based applications and being available online, the rotary hammer is extensively used all over the globe.

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