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Efficiency And Productivity Using The DEWALT DC618K XRP Finish Nailer Kit

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One of the tools that one should consider investing in is the DC618K nailer. Nails are an integral part of joinery. The nail is used in most wooden joints and is driven in by several tools such as the hammer and nailing guns.

The tool is powered by batteries and thus increases the ability of using the tool in the least accessible areas. There are a number of features of the tool that make it the best tool for nailing, most of which are elaborated in Dewalt DC618K reviews.

The power of the Dewalt DC618K nailer kit is supplied by the Dewalt XRP battery technology. The 18 volt batteries used to power the tool are reliable and have been proven to supply the DC618K with full tilt power. The NiCAD batteries are light in weight as well as reliable in power provision.

The DC618K is Managed With An Additional One Hour Charger Supplied

Since they are rechargeable, one also gets the battery charger upon ordering the tool. The power of the battery is managed with an additional one hour charger supplied with the kit which allows the user to get ample time for working with the tool. The one hour charger also allows one to plan for their working and callout for support.

Advantages Of The Battery Powered DC618K  Is Portability

One of the advantages of the battery powered DC618K is portability. Since there are no cords attached to the tool it can be used everywhere. Once the battery is fitted in the system, it can be used from any location on or off the site. The tool weights a mere 17 pounds and measures 18.5 inches in length, 15.25 inches in width and 7 inches in height.

The measurements means that the user my carry the tool to tight and confined spaces and use it at any angle. The 20 degree angled design also helps in accessing joints in the construction.

Removing Jammed Nails From The Nosepiece Is Quite Easy

There are other aspects of the DC618K that enhance performance and efficiency of the tool. Access to the nosepiece without having to use any tools is the first of the features. Removing jammed nails from the nosepiece is quite easy and requires no tools to increase the efficiency of working.

Integrated Led Increase Optimum Working With The System

Since the tool can nail up to 6 nails a minute, it is important for the nose piece to be accessible fast. Other features of the nailer finish such as the contact trip lock and integrated Led increase optimum working with the system. The contact trip lock disables the trigger of the tool when not in use while the LED system is useful in accurate markings.

The tool also comes with the three year guarantee that is common with the Dewalt tools. In addition to the warranty, the tool is also supplied with a year’s worth of free servicing as well as a 90 day money back guarantee.

Working with the DC618K is relatively easy and efficient. The tool has two operation modes which are the sequential and bump operation modes. The operation sequential mode increases the performance of the worker by providing precision while the bump mode allows an incres4 in speed.

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