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dewalt dcs370

Why Buy The DEWALT DCS370 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Saw?


The Dewalt DCS370 is one of the tools that derives its power from electrical current, but in this case, it is stored. Its advantages can be derived from the following DCS370 review. Tools are an essential part in the completion of construction tasks. There are different classes of tools, determined by several factors, which include power. There are tools which depend on human power, petroleum power, compressed air, as well as electrical power. 

The Saw Runs From An 18-Volt Battery

Electrical power is limited to the mains at homes or industries, and this makes its access a bit challenging. Tools such as the Dewalt DCS370 run on batteries, which makes it easier to use power tools in areas with no electrical outlets. The saw runs from an 18-volt battery, which is supplied along with the tool. The lithium-ion battery is responsible for sending power to the motor, used to rotate the saw.

The technological edge of the battery ensures that the users get a steady current, during its time of use. The battery is rechargeable, allowing the user to store up charge for use.

Combination Of Superior Balancing And Low Weight

The Dewalt DCS370 saw is light in weight, being only about 10 pounds. The tool has a superior balance and integrates ergonomics, which allows the user to make the most out of their working hours. Users suffer less fatigue, due to the combination of superior balancing and low weight.

The size of the saw also encourages its use in tight spots, which are normally hard to reach with ordinary tools. The total shipping weight of the DCS370 saw is 15.5 pounds, which makes it easy to transport from one location to another. Moving the saw at the work site is relatively easy; and this also helps with faster construction, due to low levels of fatigue for the users.

Hook That Allows The User To Hang The Saw In Storage

The handling of the Dewalt DCS370 is also of great importance to the user. There are numerous technical aspects that make its handling much easier. The design of the saw integrates a hook that allows the user to hang the saw in storage. The hook gives the saw a break, in terms of minimizing damage to the base or front handle.

The soft and comfortable handles also make manipulating the saw much easier. A combination of the above features allows the tool to be easily transported from one point to another, on and off the site. The easier handling also means that the Dewalt DCS370L’s life is enhanced in one way or another.

Since the saw is capable of being used on tough surfaces as well as in tight spots, it has some special features. The blade that is fitted on the saw has the ability to cut through ½-inch to 2-inch of struts, conduits, as well as threaded rods. The hand saws have small footprints that allow the user access to tight and confined spaces.

Changing the blade of the Dewalt DCS370 saw is also eased by the use of a changing lever. The durability of the cutting blade is also enhanced by the use of a dual-bearing guide roller as well as blade tracking.

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