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Dewalt DW059K-2

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Lots Of Attributes Of This Beautiful Dewalt DW059K-2 Kit


The process of joining two items or products is called fastening. Depending on the strength of joining, it can either be done with a hand-held tool or a power tool. If the fastening is of a heavy-duty nature, the Dewalt DW059K-2 will be the tool that will be appropriate. Efficiency, functioning, and speed of the overall work can definitely be increased with this particular tool.

The Tool Can Deliver 300 Foot Pounds Of Power

Most of the Dewalt DW059K-2 reviews include the power aspects of this product. The power of the tool is derived from an 18-volt NiCAD battery. The tool can deliver 300 foot pounds of power, which is equal to 3600 inch-pounds. The power that is delivered by the system is useful in fastening lag screws and even using the impact wrench.

When you are using the impact wrench, it will be able to offer up to 1650 rpm and 2600 bmp. Therefore, with the help of the Dewalt DW059K-2, you can utilize its power to complete work that needs a lot of power. This Dewalt Kit is definitely an outstanding Dewalt Kit.

Portable Tool Through The Utilization Of Its Batteries

The Dewalt DW059K-2 becomes a good-quality, portable tool through the utilization of its batteries. Since the tool comes with two batteries, the need to keep on recharging the system is reduced two-fold; even though the product also includes an hour-charger. The tool can be used to work on those hard-to-reach areas that might be in tight spaces or too far away from a power source.

Transporting and storing can be simply done as it is not a cabled tool. The tool measures 16 x 14.2 x 5.2 inches and weighs 14.7 pounds, making it quite easy to transport and store.

Designed For Durability

The Dewalt DW059K-2 has been designed for durability. This special tool is an all-metal device that can be very simply controlled with its plastic, anti-grip handle. Magnesium is used to make the gear case and transmission of the system, to increase the durability of the tool. The device’s kickback has been done away with to make the device more durable.

Kickback can cause damage and has been eliminated by directing the power straight to the fastener. The metallic finish allows the user to attain superb and top-notch working, even in heavy workloads. I just love this Dewalt Kit, because it does flawlessly what you need it to do – and quickly!

Once you buy the DW059K-2 Dewalt, you automatically become eligible for one-year free service and a 90-day money back guarantee. The industrial workplace, as well as DIY projects, cannot do without this amazing fastener.

Dewalt DW059K-2 is one of the most unbelievable tools due to its astonishing features. The outstanding part of the tool is its ability to continue working a whole day, with the combined power of the two NiCad batteries and its one-hour charger. Apart from its superb functioning and features, the tool comes with a three-year manufacturer warranty.

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