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Dewalt D55151 – A Compressor that Outperforms Its Competitors

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Here at last is one universal compressor – the DeWalt D55151 that is a multi-functional unit performing a series of several different tasks. This oil-filled compressor is made to last several years and does a neat job when it comes to thrusting pressure on the type of work that you want to do. Talking of pressure, you would be surprised to learn that this beast of a machine can deliver up to 3.2CFM at 100 psi and is an ace amongst the others when it comes to performance. The ‘Hot Dog’ name comes from the very appearance of this compressor; two oil lubricated pure cast iron cylinders – one atop the other to match with space restrictions and improving the compact image of the machine.

Dewalt D55151

Dewalt D55151 Compressor

Prominent features of the DeWalt D55151

  1. The compact shape and design of the D55151 is great if you have to move this outdoors for any type of outdoor based job. Fit the correct gun in the hose and you can use it for a number of applications. As a nail gun, it drives nails into the board with the ease and comfort only experienced by the user. In a paint booth, you can fit the paint spray on to the nozzle and be surprised at the excellent power at which you can complete small painting jobs immediately.
  2. The DeWalt D55151 can deliver up to 3.2 cubic feet per minute at 100 PSI and this is more than necessary for smaller workloads particularly around the house or in small automobile workshops.
  3. The machine is equipped with a high-flow regulator that optimizes performance when there is a greater workload than the normal thus ensuring that all work at hand are taken care of with the competency and flair of an expert. The soft start system ensures that the D55151 can start even in very cold working conditions.
Dewalt D55151

Dewalt D55151

What keeps the DeWalt D55151 above the competition?

The first fill oil that comes with the D55151 is from the manufacturer – the Dewalt synthetic air compressor oil. This oil lasts virtually a lifetime for small users and refills are readily available in the market. The most important advantage of the oil-filled compressor is that the pistons remained continuously bathed in environment friendly oil that does not burn up easily and at the same time helps in prolonging the longevity of the compressor. Synthetic oils have a consistent viscosity and thickness thus, it does not solidify into sub-zero temperatures in the winter months.

The DeWalt D55151 review

You need to read the review pages of the DeWalt D55151 to understand the public demand for this great product. The D55151 review pages are lined with excellent reviews from almost all users who feel that this machine has all the potentials to deliver consistently over the years leaving the competition spluttering far behind. The machine can be easily transported across to a different area and can be pumped to start up with a different work scheduled for it and it can guarantee non-failures.

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