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The Outstanding Characteristics Of Dck280c2 Compact Drill/Impact Driver Combo Kit

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Contains A Lighter-Weight Body And Structure

A dck280c2 is a model of Dewalt Company, and it is a famous impact/drill combo kit that can be used in many kinds of tasks. The power transmission system used in this tool is of a dual nature that ranges over 0 to 600 and 0 to 2000 RPM. Consequently, you may get a speed of working depending upon the nature of material being drilled.

This dck280c2 combo kit contains a lighter-weight body and structure; hence, it can be used in very tight areas where drilling or impacting with other tools is impossible. There are three LED lights with almost 20 seconds delay when its trigger is pressed for working.


Dck280c2 Compact Drill/Impact Driver Combo Kit

Capable Of Recharging Its Battery In One Hour

This feature has its own importance in the whole structure of dck280c2 compact drill/impact driver combo kit because 20-second delay will be useful to put this machine exactly on a target. Its total weight is only 2.8 pounds that make it a portable machine to use it anywhere without worrying about any fatigue during working.

A charger provided with this tool has been manufactured by a standard quality material, and it is capable of recharging its battery in one hour. You can consider this pair of tools present in dck280c2 compact drill/impact driver combo kit more reliable than many other simple models.

This tool set can be used to do drill in each kind of sheet made of wood or steel. You can also use this combo set to drill for drilling in hard concrete and rock pieces.

This kit is an ideal product for general building contractors, cabinetmakers, plumbers and stud framers to do multiple tasks. This toolkit is used for completing a variety of applications effortlessly and without worrying about fatigue.

Modified To Withstand In Any Condition

It is modified to withstand in any condition to work on a jobsite and also prevent from any damage in its internal structure due to wear and tear condition of work site location. The dck280c2 compact drill/impact driver combo kit is designed to work 30 percent faster than any previous model.

The motor present in this toolkit is capable of producing a high power for accurate drilling and impacting. It has a best design to get superior performance for lighter as well as for medium kinds of drilling applications.

Finest Quality Due To The Presence Of A Sharp Drilling Bit

It is possible to work with a finest quality due to the presence of a sharp drilling bit made up of carbide. It has been proven from dck280c2 review that this toolkit is manufactured to work for a longer period of time without showing any serious problems during working.

The dck280c2 compact drill/impact driver combo kit is also workable in any weather condition, and unlike other tools, it is easy to work with this tool on a below freezing temperature. This dewalt dck280c2 combo kit is very popular due to its smaller size and anti-kick back characteristics.

You are able to use this tool kit for many years, but this may require a timely maintenance and lubrication. If you do not want to use this dck280c2 compact drill/impact driver kit for more than one month, you are advised to recharge its battery once after one month regularly to save it from the complete drain out.

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