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The Salient Features Of A Dewalt Dck655x Combo Kit With Impact Driver

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Extra Ordinary Excellence

The dewalt dck655x is a well-know name in the field of drill machines and impact drivers because of its all-in-one feature. A cordless hammer drill available in this kit is of an extra ordinary excellence due to the presence of a three speed all metal transmission systems. This hammer drill of dewalt dck655x combo kit is capable of providing 450 unit watts output for completing any drilling task at a faster speed.

You can also enjoy a circular saw of this toolkit that can cut up to 6 ½ inches. This circular saw comprises a very sharp rounded blade made up of carbide material. This blade can cut 2X4s in a single pass when you are working with this tool at an angle of 45 degrees.

Dewalt Dck655x

Dewalt Dck655x Combo Kit With Impact Driver

Many Unique Features That Are Absent In Many Other Brands

A cordless reciprocating saw is also offered in dewalt dck655x combo toolkit with many unique features that are absent in many other brands. You can change a blade in less time because of a keyless blade clamp of this reciprocating saw.

There is also an impact driver offered in this dck655x combo tool kit, and it is capable of producing a high range of torque ranging up to 1330 inches per pound. If grinding or high-powered cutting is needed for any material, then you can use 18 volt cut off tool present in this dewalt dck655x combo toolkit.

Therefore, if you have bought this combo pack that included different useful tools, then there is no need to look for any other device for cutting, grinding, or impacting. A flood light with flexible handles, and brighter bulb is also present in this standard combo kit.

Enhance The Visibility Of Working Place

This light is used to enhance the visibility of working place to show accurate results. The products of this particular tool kit are manufactured to work for a long time. You can perform a variety of tasks using this dewalt dck655x combo kit related to drilling, impacting, screwing, and hammering.

Parallel to other parts, the batteries included in this toolkit are also engineered to work for long running time as compared to many other tools.

The impact driver of dck655x dewalt tool kit is manufacture using competent internal parts, so, it can be used for heavy duty impacting and drilling functions. You can select any speed from 0 to 2400 RPM by pressing its trigger according to your requirements.

Require A Little Effort To Get Precise Results

You may require a little effort to get precise results in impacting task performed on any material. This device can deliver a higher range of impact from 0 to 2700 in a minute.

Similarly, the versatile cut-off tool of dewalt dck655x combo kit cannot be ignored due to its high-superiority performance for completing a work in a less time as compared to many other similar tools.

There is a precise gear alignment present in this cut off tool and therefore, it will provide quit transmission with smooth running. If you are looking for a best deal about dewalt dck655x price, you should analyze reviews about this toolkit on different websites. The dewalt dck655x combo kit is manufactured for working immaculately for a long period of time.

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