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DCK266L Dewalt For Your Frequent Drilling And Fastening Jobs

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The next time you are having a string of small drill cum fastening operations to do, go in for the DCK266L – the combo tool kit from Dewalt. It consists of an 18V ½-inch hammer drill with a 350 watts power and an 18V impact driver capable of doing a series of fastening operations working at an amazing speed of 2400 rpm. With both these little tools, you get the fluency and the efficiency to work with the maximum comfort that any other tool in its class could ever give.


DCK266L Combo Kit

The following are the top-most features of the DCK266L:

  1. When it comes to drilling holes in the wall or on wooden cladding, or even on interior decorative ceilings for light fittings, plumbing or any other type of work, the electrician, the plumber, the home decorator, or even the owner of the home would find this compact 2 – tool kit extremely useful.
  2. The DeWalt DCK266L saves on a huge amount of time if you know and plan your job. If you have the locations fixed for drilling in the holes and are able to screw in the material with equal ease by using the Impact Driver, you are virtually finishing off a few days job all in one day.
  3. If you are concerned about the fatigue factor that may come in the way of your performance, there is hardly any reason for you to worry. The tools are so evenly manufactured that they weigh just around 4 pounds each on an average and this does not tire the user early. Long operating hours are guaranteed by the Lithium ion batteries, which can be quickly recharged in 30 minutes flat.

What’s in it for the customer to buy a DCK266L?

The single most important factor that decides the DeWalt DCK266L 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Compact 2-tool Kit in favor of the customer is the simple versatility of the product and virtual no maintenance costs involved. You can practically work for days together with just a 30-minute recharge every day without having the twins tiring out even for once. The more they are used the more are they geared and fired for the next use it seems the demand is endless. 



The DCK266L review

Users have been critical about the product but they all admit that without the DCK266L it would be more than difficult for them to complete their jobs in time. The flexibility of the usage of the two tools gives them huge savings in terms of time and money. Large construction contractors admit that they can in fact take a person out of the contract by allocating the drilling and fastening job to the same team instead of having different people doing the two different jobs. The DCK266L review pages on the internet would tell detailed instances of how the users have been able to switch over from different brands directly to the DeWalt DCK266L 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Compact 2-tool Kit and have been able to retain this product ever since. 

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