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DCD980L2 Dewalt –Feature Packed Battery Powered Drilling Machine

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The fact that the Dewalt DCD980L2 is built to deliver remains undisputed, but what matters most to all operators of this little beast of a drilling machine is the raw power that it carries along even for day long outdoor operations. Carpenters, masons, engineers, plumbers and simple hobbyists love the DeWalt DCD980L2 20-Volt Max Li-Ion Premium Drill Driver Kit 3.0 ah simply because of its efficiency, power delivery and the beauty of its operation – drilling away long after others have given up.


Dewalt  DCD980L2 Drilling Machine

Major features of the DeWalt DCD980L2

  1. The DeWalt DCD980L2 operates on 20V Max Lithium ion batteries that offer longer running time, and enhances the life of the machine. Others in the range work on 18V batteries that fail to perform to the optimum capacity. The shortfall is more than made up with the 20V Lithium ion batteries. These batteries not only last longer, but also are reputed to bounce back to life after a short recharge.
  2. The Drill driver functions with a silent purr while doing its job on wood. Drilling through the toughest of the wood is not a challenge to this machine, thanks to the powerful 450-unit watts motor that is literally built to last.
  3. The ergonomic design of the DeWalt DCD980L2 has been the most voted feature of the machine by all users. Even if you do not own one, if you can just take one of these drill machines in your hand, you will understand the thought process that actually goes on in the DeWalt research labs while developing products of this kind.
  4. There is a 360 degree side handle that you can rely on especially when drilling through the inside of the false ceiling or cladding or in a place where the chuck is just about to make a place for itself but needs some additional thrust to let it function to its optimum level.


The one most important feature of the DeWalt DCD980L2

To know what drilling is, you must know how to operate a drilling machine and DeWalt who are pioneers in the manufacturing of this machine, knows it well even before the competition knows, that in dimly lit conditions, you need some additional light to help you work. The DeWalt DCD980L2 thus has a little LED that turns on with a 20-second delay to give you the brightness that you would need to complete your work in that dark crevice and continue with your normal work. 

The DeWalt DCD980L2 review

All said and done, no prudent buyer would ever miss out reading the review pages of the DeWalt DCD980L2. Why would one want to read reviews of the product? The answer is simple: This helps in cementing a buying decision finally. The DCD980L2 review pages gives first hand experiences of users and operators of the DeWalt DCD980L2 20-Volt Max Li-Ion Premium Drill Driver Kit 3.0 ah and so far, the experiences of all users have been excellent. The performance of the machine according to them has been above par and more than meets their expectations.

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