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DCF885L2 – An Impact Driver From Drilling to Driving Fasteners

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If using an impact driver is necessary but you can’t manage to reach the tight space between the two boards, think of owning a DCF885L2. This is a superb impact driver from DeWalt who has been in the home tools business since ages. Being one of the ranking pioneers in the industry, it is more than apparent that DeWalt understands as if by some sixth sense activity the pulse of the market and the demands of the customer, and comes up with one ace after the other in home tools production.

The DeWalt DCF885L2 Impact Driver is no exception to this religious rule followed by the maLnufacturer till date. This may be one exceptional reason why DeWalt has always managed to remain comfortably afloat when competition has been going through unpredictable market turbulence.


DCF885L2 Impact Driver

Key areas where the DCF885L2 has been scoring over the others:

  1. Extremely lightweight and easy to use – the DeWalt DCF885L2 has been one incredible machine being extremely light on the hand and providing comfort to the user or the operator even during long working hours.
  2. Anti-kickback or reactionary torque is one major feature of the DCF885L2. The designing of the machine and the even distribution of the weight of the machine across the body of the tool proves that there is no kickback or reactionary torque. This is why it is known as the impact driver which kills all impact on the user allowing the user to concentrate on the job and the timely deliveries.
  3. The DCF885L2 works on 20V Lithium ion batteries which are reputed to last much longer than normal batteries and definitely longer than the normal 18V batteries that most other impact drivers come with. While DeWalt is committed to excel on quality standards it has always kept the customer uppermost in its mind while providing the tools demanded by the customer.

What is so special about the DCF885L2?

Yes, the DCF885L2 has a special feature that again proves what one knows about DeWalt. The impact driver has a set of 3 bright LED lights that do not cast a shadow while the operator is on the job. This ensures that there is no need to run around for some temporary arrangements for light as the daylight dims down to twilight and you have to complete the job at hand by the evening.  



The DeWalt DCF885L2 review

The DCF885L2 review statements can be seen in any website that is making a critical analysis of impact drivers being used worldwide. While it has been seen that the users would be interested in giving their opinion openly the review page has brought up excellent kudos from the customers and operators of the DCF885L2. There can be no question of doubt about the functionality and the flexibility of the machine once it has been use. The fact that more and more prospective customers are taking decisions of switching over to the DCF885L2 proves beyond doubt about the versatility of the machine and its importance in daily usage.

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