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DWS780 – An Excellent Miter Saw In Carpentry And Sawing

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As the name suggests, the double bevel saw from Dewalt is not like any other ordinary miter saw. The DWS780 is rugged in design, accurate to the last mm and swift in its action – miter cutting never has been so easy before. Position your wood on the saw and pull the handle down to touch your pre-marked cutting area. Just thrust the handle through the wood and give it a push – that’s all, you will get one of the finest cut of all cuts you would have ever experienced till date. This is the DeWalt DWS780 – the uncrowned king in miter sawing technology. The saw has seen very few competitors who have dared to come even remotely near to what it is today.


Dewalt DWS780

Distinctive features of the DeWalt DWS780

  • The DWS780 is made with a double bevel advantage. It can swing to the left and to the right at superb angles and perform with the same efficiency that you would expect from a saw of this genre. 
  • The unique safety features of the DWS780 puts it way above any other saw in its class. The sliding away of the protective cover from the saw teeth just as it is about to contact the cutting surface automatically is something that comes with a lot of thought, perspiration and midnight oil burning in the research wing of this multi-tooling giant. 
  • Since the saw would be generating a lot of saw dust and wood chips and shavings while it goes on its sawing work, the system has a unique way of ensuring that at least 75% of the dust is collected leaving as much clean area as possible and making it as much dust free for the operator to continue working. This is definitely good since sawdust intake does create severe lung problems beginning with allergies. 
  • Though the DWS780 works primarily on electricity, the electricity supply cord is carefully guided away from the saw through elaborate jacks and holes in the saw chassis thus ensuring that the cable does not come in any way with the operation of the saw.


One primary feature of the DWS780 that you would want to know:

The DWS780 is packed with several groundbreaking features like dust collection, LED lighting, bevel twisting and several others that can never be even thought of by the competition. DeWalt is way above in its though process and does a clean job wherever possible. A swift cut through a thick wooden board is certainly no joke for the ordinary saw and for the DWS780 this is something that comes in everyday work. The accuracy and the level of perfection are so precise that one needs to have a second look at the masterpiece to understand its raw capabilities.

The DWS780 review

The pages containing the DeWalt DWS780 review statements from various users and owners, explain why they have gone in for this heavy-duty miter saw. The fact that this is just the right tool that is needed for serious home improvement has been stressed upon repeatedly by almost all users and simply cannot be denied by anyone.

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