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DCS385L – One Towering Reciprocating Saw Quick Demolition Jobs

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Where sawing is your job and you have to do multiple sawing jobs throughout the day, you would certainly want to try out the mechanical reciprocating saw from DeWalt. Try the DCS385L – a great reciprocating saw that does the job safely and in a professional manner. This versatile saw is made for tough sawing jobs and can cut through virtually anything for long hours. Construction work, wood work, plastic or even metal cutting is easily possible with the DeWalt DCS385L 18-Volt Cordless XRP Lithium-Ion Reciprocating Saw Kit. The saw works all day long on the high-powered 18V batteries that require little recharge and recharging is just a 30-minute job.


DCS385L Reciprocating Saw

Important features of the DCS385L:

  1. The sawing speed is at 0-3000 saws per minute (SPM) and this is a great speed for any type of sawing action. It can cut through tough building work and masonry at superb speed and is great for demolition work.
  2. The 4-position blade clamp allows for a variety of cutting angles and ripping actions that makes the saw all the more versatile.
  3. Blade changes are quick and easy. Just unclamp the lever lock and slide in the new blade – you are ready to go for the next sawing assignment. Blades last much longer than normal saws and these are available freely in the market. In fact for longer sawing jobs you can keep a blade or two handy so that there are no work downtimes too.

What is that single most important deciding factor in favor of the DeWalt DCS385L?

The single most important factor that turns the scales in favor of the DCS385L is the safety feature that is built within. There is no direct contact with the saw while the saw is in operation and the thrust that one would have to give to the machine with the hand is to ensure that the entire blade is in the material that is being sawed. This means that there is no portion of the blade that can ever be exposed to the human body at any given time. Since the DeWalt DCS385L 18-Volt Cordless XRP Lithium-Ion Reciprocating Saw Kit is powered to be used even in any type of demolition work, the blade has a powered blade brake mechanism the moment the work is over, or where further sawing needs to progress only on proper investigation of the area. These incredible safety features coupled with excellent grip and anti-slip rubber handles ensure that the DCS385L is on its own path without a thing to worry about. You can literally concentrate more on the cutting job than on anything else while the saw is in operation.



The DCS385L review

Customers owning the DCS385L are certainly not compelled to write flowery comments on the saw but the sheer fact that the machine has outperformed in more ways than one amply prove why the customers are clear about the positive reviews they have given this product.  The DCS385L review pages on the internet state how the tool has worked wonders for the users in every respect.

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