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DeWalt DW735 Planer – More Than Your Wood Cutting Expectations

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When you need a planer to take care of all the rough wood that you need to get planed out to perfection – be it for the manufacturing of doors, windows or frames or even for cabinets or tabletops, you need a thickness planer. Trust on the DeWalt DW735 for that classic, cultured planed tops that are bound to impress your final customer. The DW735 is a masterpiece with excellent homogenous features putting together several breakthrough achievements that no other planer manufacturer could ever think of before.

DeWalt DW735

DeWalt DW735

Prominent features of the DeWalt DW735

  1. The DeWalt Planer DW735 is equipped with a three knife head – to ensure that it goes right the first time. This would also mean no repeated running of the planer thus saving on wear and tear of the knives and the planer on the whole.
  2. The heart of the DW735 is very much in its powerful motor. Agreeably, the days of the manual planer are long over but the finesse and the craftsmanship has never died. The thickness planer does the job with a greater amount of skill and efficiency and gives you more output with matching beauty as in the days of the manual planer.
  3. The CPI (cuts per minute) has a variable range between 96 to 179 CPI and you can choose the range as per your requirements.
  4. Put any type of wood in the machine, and you get the same results – Oakwood, walnut or whatever wood you would want to work with. The planer knows its job best and does not require special supervision for the specific type of wood that you would want to work with.

 One key feature that puts the DeWalt DW735 above all others: 

Wood shaves and wood chips often are stuck between the knives and the DeWalt Planer DW735 has a unique ejection system that clears the knife-edges to enable more efficient cutting. This also helps increase the longevity of the knives. Though the knives are replaceable and are disposable, this feature helps increase the knife-life by more than 20% over other knives. This is the main reason why DeWalt still remains the top favorite amongst most carpenters even today. Thinking out of the box is a habit in the drawing rooms of DeWalt and that is why they can come up with some ground-breaking products like the DeWalt DW735 Planer. 

Summing up the DeWalt DW735

Overall, the DW735 is a master planer that has long been in the minds of the manufacturers. The other planers of today fail to deliver the output that is expected in a long-haul operation and this planer has surpassed the expectations of most users and owners alike. DeWalt also offers a great money back warranty and a free service package of one year. You would rarely need to fall back on the warranty of the manufacturer as the product more than meets your requirements. Best of all, customer reviews throughout have said that this product is best suited for long wood cutting jobs.

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