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DWS520CK – Know About It Before You Decide to Buy It

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When you are looking out for straight long cuts on wood, nylon, fiber sheets, asbestos or other types of material, you can safely trust the DWS520CK to live up to your expectations. Perfect straight and precise cuts, with exact depths and tireless functioning are some of the features that put the DeWalt DWS520CK way above the others in terms of competition. A track saw walks on the track that is laid out as per the requirement of the carpenter. With a zero clearance level, the saw delivers precise splinter free cuts exactly as per the requirements of the user.


Dewalt DWS520CK

Major features of the DeWalt DWS520CK

  1. The saw has dual edged tracks. This means that if you have to cut your material more than once, fix the tracks appropriately so that the operation of the saw can be made continuously without wasting much time.
  2. The DWS520CK is ready for any type of cutting job. Primarily, the demand for the saw comes in from carpenters and home decorators who have a number of similar cutting materials but the saw is capable to cut through with the same efficiency construction work, steel, aluminum extrusions and laminated sheets.
  3. Two definite advantages exist: a) Track allows the saw to move evenly over the plane thus guaranteeing uniform cutting edge and b) the depth of the cutting is uniform all through. Figuratively speaking, this seriously does away with large manual handsaws reducing labor time and costs significantly.
  4. The stone guards and the padded insulations where rubber is the main component help in minimizing noise largely. User comfort is also doubly guaranteed with rubber acting as vibration absorber all through.

The single most important feature of the DWS520CK

Saws of this type usually suffer from one serious shortcoming: the kickback when running it through a long cutting operation. The continuous anti-kickback mechanism with riving knife locking ensures that the operator does not have to worry about the kickback or an attempt to move off the edge of the guide rails thus damaging the cutting surface.  This is the most important feature of the DeWalt DWS520CK  – something that others in the same category have not been able to give the users so far.



DeWalt DWS520CK review

You ought to run through the review pages of the DeWalt DWS520CK to know what customers, users, critics and owners have to say about this exceptional track saw that has remained a star performer all through. The Dewalt DWS520CK review pages invariably points to this. The fact that this track saw has been extremely popular is mainly because of its exemplary features, the built-in safety parameters and the overall ease of usage that guides the user through some of the toughest cutting jobs ever. Even under extreme working conditions and heavy workload, the machine does not splutter or threaten to break down thus making seamless transition of work from start through till the completion a very easy affair. Maintenance is not a frequent necessity if you have the DWS520CK at work.

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