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DeWalt D24000 – A Distinct Footprint In Tile Cutting Technology

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When setting tiles for the walls or the flooring is your type of job, you need a trusted friend to take care of your cutting and trimming worries. Well, here is the DeWalt D24000 – a virtual ace amongst tile saws that one sees in the markets today. This exceptional piece of human technology is perhaps something that was invented only for tiles and homes. Cut your tiles diagonally or have them round shaped, scoop a clean cut out of a tile…use the tile saw any way you want, and you have the famous DeWalt guarantee of success. This machine won’t fail you or throw up hiccups while on the work – cleanest cuts and well-trimmed finishes are what the DeWalt D24000 Wet Tile Saw is bred to perform.

DeWalt D24000

Features of the DeWalt 24000

Important features of the DeWalt 24000

  1. Your ripping needs now have an answer – the D24000 with it cantilever/ cart system can provide solutions to your ripping needs with clean 24 inch ripping (18 inch for diagonals).
  2. There is no need to worry about angled cuts too – the integrated miter feature cleverly takes care of all your angle cut worries.
  3. Are you looking for outlets for ACs and other electrical machines? The plunge cut feature of the D24000 Tile Saw takes care of this effortlessly.
  4. Tile saws require constant jets of water on the saw blade to enable a clean cut through. This is well provided by the jet nozzles strategically located that takes care of this requirement.

What keeps the DeWalt D24000 way above the competition?

It is an established fact that water sprays play a major role in the cutting of all types of tiles – both for the tile to prevent it from cracking due to the dry cutting through the ceramic and the saw blade to prevent early wear and tear of the saw teeth. What most other tile saws do is to ensure that there is water available on the saw while it is in operation – at times this leading to a messy situation in the worktable. The D24000 does the job in a very precise manner – the water is directed through precision designed hoses to fall exactly on the contact point of the blade and the tile so that as the tile is cut through, the blade remains cool without the spray scattering everywhere around. This shows the level of research that engineers in DeWalt have put in to ensure restricted wastage, cleaner workplace and lasting tool life. 

DeWalt D24000

DeWalt D24000

The overall review of DeWalt D24000

Equipped with a 1.5HP motor and a 10 inch diamond tipped blade, the DeWalt D24000 is a marvel to not only look at but also to operate on most cutting materials including glass and stone. The famous DeWalt guarantee of performance and the warranty available from the manufacturer provides for added confidence in the minds of the users and operators while ensuring that there is no stoppage of work and related shrinkages due to breakdowns and non-availability of spares. No wonder, there is always a happy stream of customers all year around, for the famous and most popular DeWalt D24000 tile-cutting saw.

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