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How to Go About Using the DEWALT DCT410S1 Camera Kit To The Most

The DCT410S1 inspection camera kit is particularly good in building and construction works. Using the camera one may get access to areas round corners, in piping and conduits as well as in dark areas. The use of cameras is mostly n the arts field, but they are also useful in other fields such as in construction. The cameras are particularly useful when it comes to getting images of areas where one cannot reach. 

The Camera Has A Three Foot Tipped Camera Snake

There are various features of the DCT410S1 inspection camera kit that make the tool one of the best. The first thing that is associated with the camera is accessibility. The camera has a three foot tipped camera snake that allows the user to gain access to small spaces. The camera can thus get images in piping, behind or inside walls.

Since the snake has a camera lens attached to its tipped end, images are easily sent to the observation screen. The snake is thin so as to enter small holes in buildings, engines and pipes, but it doesn’t hinder image conveyance. Attaching and using the snake is quite easy and requires no extra technical skills.

 Flexible Enough To Maneuver In A Number Of Tight Spots

The DCT410S1 inspection camera kit will be exposed to potentially damaging environments. Due to this the snake has been made water proof to prevent taking in water that might damage the circuits as well as interfere with images. The Dewalt DCT410S1 snake is also flexible enough to maneuver in a number of tight spots.

The snake is neither too loose such that it can’t be controlled or too hard to assume the paths shape. These factors will help the snake in getting close ups in the hard to reach areas. In the case of dark areas, the snake is fitted with an LED system at the camera end to help in maneuvering the path as well as in image conveyance.

Attachment Of A Hook Or Magnet At The Tipped End

The snake camera of the DCT410S1 inspection kit is also made multi useful by attachment of a hook or magnet at the tipped end. The attachments are useful in retrieval of parts located in the hard to reach areas. The hook and magnet are included in the shipped package and are quite useful in spot on pickups when integrated with the LED and camera systems.

The Micro SD Card

In addition to the hook and magnet accessories, the kit also comes with a micro SD card. The micro SD card is useful in the transfer of data between the camera and a smart phone or computer.

The DCT410S1 camera is also fitted with a detachable Liquid Crystal Display screen. The screen measures a good 3.5 inches which is great for image display. The screen allows the user to get detailed shots from a distance of up to 20 feet away from the camera.

In addition to the screen, the camera also has a 3X zoom function which aids in getting magnified and detailed shots. The camera comes with the famed three years warranty from Dewalt. At the end of this Dewalt DCT410S1 review, you should know that it is supplied with a years’ worth of free servicing as well as a 90 day money back guarantee.

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