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Nailing the Easy Way with the Hitachi NV75AG


Fastening and joining are the most important parts of construction. The contractor needs products such as the Hitachi NV75AG to ensure the safety of their craft. Hitachi has a reputation when it comes to manufacturing great nailers. The NV75AG lives up to these expectations, according to many Hitachi NV75AG reviews that are associated with the manufacturer’s tools.

The tool is a performer in the jobsite, providing the user with efficiency and productivity; and lowering the fatigue involved in the tasks. One of the features that makes this tool stand out is its ability to drive both wire framing and plastic sheet siding coil fasteners. The tool runs on air, which is great at delivering the fasteners at high pressures.

The Tool Is Fitted With A Dual-Actuation Mode

The Hitachi NV75AG is able to operate between operating pressures of 70 to 120 psi. This means, the joinery is tight and secure; but added to that, the user has the ability to choose how the fastening is to be done. The tool is fitted with a dual-actuation mode, associated with Hitachi nailers. The tool has the bump-fire and continuous-firing actuations.

Why Continuous Mode Is Preferred

The bump-fire actuation, which is also known as the intermittent-firing mode, allows the user to control the nailing precision by making use of the trigger. The continuous fire mode, on the other hand, fires the hails upon contact with the work piece; hence, the bump is a notification. The continuous mode is preferred when one is looking to cover a huge task in a short time, while the intermittent mode is a choice for precision nailing.

The other feature of the Hitachi NV75AG, that makes it a favorite, is its nail capacity. The magazine of the tool can take up 200 to 300 nails of 1.75- to 3-inches in length. The huge nail capacity means the downtime of the tool is relatively low, as the refills are rare and wide spread. The refilling system is also relatively easy and takes up very little time.

Adjustments Are Made Using A Knob

The control features of the Hitachi NV75AG also are outstanding, making it a better selection in its class. The first notable control associated with the tool is its depth drive. The depth drive is adjustable for accuracy of nailing. The adjustments are made using a knob that is located near the nose of the tool. Its control is relatively easy, as one doesn’t need the use of a tool.

The other control of the tool happens to be the speed control, in this case, the switching between the two speed modes. It is easily done by sliding the speed indicator from one mode to another. The general controls of the tool are easy to adjust, since they are well placed. The ergonomic handle is also another contributor to ease of control. All the adjustments of the tool can be made, while holding the 5.5 pound tool with the other hand.

Technical specifications and parameters of the Hitachi NV75AG, such as the adjustable, 360-degree air deflector increases the ease of using the tool. Upon acquiring the tool, one gets safety glasses, 3 Allen wrenches, nose cap, and a free NV75AG carrying case.

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