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Hitachi NR90AE Framing Nailer Designed to Deliver Accuracy

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It is very important that a nail is fired into the material at the required depth and force. To achieve accuracy, one will have to use the perfect tool present in the market. Hitachi NR90AE is a framing nailer that is capable of firing round head 2 inch to 3.5 inch nails. The product has been designed by Hitachi keeping in mind the requirement of professionals belonging to the fields of carpentry, interior decoration, construction and home users. The design and the use of lightweight material are the special features of the product.

Hitachi NR90AE

Hitachi NR90AE Framing Nailer

Advantages of Having a  Hitachi NR90AE

With reduced overall weight, there is an increase in the productivity rate of firing nails into the material. NR90AE comes with an actuation switch that easily makes the operator jump from sequential to a bump firing action. The air cylinder builds an operating pressure of 70-120 psi. The depth of fire can now be adjusted with the knob provided on the power tool. The air pressure can also be set according to the requirement and also according to the density of the material. The loading mechanism has been repositioned to the rear end of the magazine that increases the overall loading rate of the nail.

The lightweight design structure, air cylinder and the angled magazine offer a greater balance to the power tool during an operation. With the presence of depth of drive adjustment knob, the operator can easily achieve the desired the depths of nail into the material. To increase the overall firing rate in the power tool, Hitachi has introduced a lightweight anodized aluminum back loading magazine. The magazine has a capacity to hold 64 to 70 nails which is equal to holding two nail strips. Reloading of the magazine is also easy and the operator can quickly insert new magazine without much difficulty and in few seconds of time.


Hitachi NR90AE

Hitachi NR90AE

Hitachi NR90AE also contains a dual firing option that increases the overall precision of placement of a nail into the material during the firing action. With the help of this election control knob provided on the tool, the operator can select between continuous firing and intermittent firing. If one is looking forward for precise placement of males, they can select intermittent firing. Continuous firing enables the operator of five nails at a faster rate and at a rapid pace on the work piece where precision does not play a vital role.

Hitachi NR90AE has been specially designed for comfort and efficiency. The power tool intakes air at the rate 0.088 ft.³ per cycle at 100 PSI. This increases the overall productivity rate during a single compressed cycle. With greater control over the tool during an operation, the user can achieve accurate results by firing nails into different kinds of materials with different density compositions. For achieving high accuracy in your day-to-day nailing needs, you should opt for this power tool. Also, there is no need worry about the quality of this framing nailer because upon purchase you will get a five year warranty from Hitachi.

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