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The Many Beneficial Features Of The Hitachi NT50GS 18 Gauge Gas Brad Nailer


If you are looking forward to a perfect tool, that offers reliability and safety, then the Hitachi NT50GS could be your answer. Powered with a gas fuel rod and lithium-ion batteries, the greatest advantage of this tool is its maneuverability and portability. Before we analyze the many beneficial features that the Hitachi NT50GS offers, let’s look at the various elements that comprise this package.

Some Of The Major Components That Constitute The Hitachi NT50GS Are

  • An impact-resistant carrying case
  • A No-mar tip
  • Two 3.6V HXP lithium-ion batteries
  • A dual car/wall charger
  • Two hex-bar wrenches
  • Safety glasses

Ensuring Better Balance And Maneuverability During Operations

The impact-resistant carrying case of the NT50GS ensures that users can easily handle, as well as carry around, this tool. The tool is also light-weight at 4lbs; ensuring better balance and maneuverability during operations, especially, when used for overhead tasks or for extended hours. Besides, the absence of the air hose and compressor, in the Hitachi NT50GS, saves both time and energy for its users; both, during operations as well as during post-operation clean-up.

The Hitachi NT50GS runs on fuel rods that can be easily replenished without having to wait for a compressor cycle. These fuel rods are housed in a double lock fuel compartment that securely locks it in, adding to the safety factor. Besides these, the NT50 GS also uses 3.6V lithium-ion batteries, which ensure that you can drive a maximum of 2,000 fasteners for every charge.

These Batteries Can Be Charged With AC/DC Charger Adaptors

The Hitachi NT50GS also comes with a low-battery indicator that warns users before the battery gets drained off, preventing unexpected downtime. These batteries can be charged with AC/DC charger adaptors, which can be plugged into any standard wall outlet or even in your car. The batteries can be recharged in an hour and, further, they come with a two-year professional warranty from Hitachi.

Patented Elastomer Handle, That Guarantees A Firm Yet Comfortable Grip

There are various features added to the Hitachi NT50GS to make it user-friendly, convenient, and safe. Some of the significant aspects include the patented elastomer handle, that guarantees a firm yet comfortable grip, and the no-mar nose cap, which is detachable and protects the work surface from indentations and scratches. Besides, this nose cap conveniently slides into the side of the magazine when not in use.

It also includes a jam-release feature that helps in reducing downtime and during maintenance. The Hitachi NT50GS also comprises a dry-fire lock out, which ensures that work surfaces are protected from blank activations; and thereby, contributes to the equipment’s longer life. Further, there is also the tool-less depth of drive adjustment to enable flush drives into different types of materials.

The position hook is variable ensuring that both left- and right-handed users can operate the NT50GS. Thanks to its double-action nail feed and the corresponding piston system drive, you can use this equipment to drive up to 1,000 nails per hour or 2 nails per second. And the finish nailer rods have the power to shoot up to 1,200 nails each. You can store up to 100 18-gauge fasteners of 5/8” to 2” lengths in the straight magazine.

Thus, the Hitachi NT50GS promises reliability, durability, and superior performance.

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