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Hitachi EC2510E 5.5-Horsepower Gas Oiled Twin Pontoon Compressor – Understanding its Features


The Hitachi EC2510E is one good example of Hitachi’s ability to combine quality with efficient performance and ease of operation. Engineered to work consistently and continually, this compressor provides adequate air and has the capacity to cycle from 116 PSI to 145 PSI. In other words, it can work well before the equipments demands are compromised.

Includes A Honda Industrial Grade OHV Engine

The Hitachi EC2510E comes with a whole lot of features that are designed to ensure the long life of the equipment as well as its ability to survive in tough work sites. A 5.5hp gas drive air compressor, this Hitachi product includes a Honda industrial grade OHV engine. This engine guarantees the EC2510E’s dependability with regards to starting up as well as its long life.

The Hitachi EC2510E has been specifically designed for worksites that involve a tough environment. And this is evident from the various features incorporated in it to ensure its durability and survival in such environments.

The Equipment Comes With A Solid Cast Iron Cylinder

The equipment comes with a solid cast iron cylinder, which is made from premium quality, industry approved material. Besides ensuring long life it also guarantees consistent compression and lesser oil carryover.

Further, the pressure switch, air outlets, and regulator switch of the Hitachi EC2510E are positioned in a base panel plate that protects these components from any potential damage in the worksite. This is an integrated control panel and thus offers a centralized control ensuring simplicity of operation.

The Oil Level Sight Glass

The oil level sight glass, which is actually quite big, is another significant tool that enables users to easily verify and monitor the oil level. The greatest benefit of this is that everyone can monitor the oil level for the Hitachi EC2510E and ensure there will be no pump damage due to lock up as a result of insufficient oil quantity.

Pneumatic Throttle Control

The other remarkable feature that adds to the appeal of the EC2510E is its pneumatic throttle control. This component ensures that the throttle is manipulated with the help of air and not a cable. This simply means you need not worry about failure of cable throttles, which commonly occurs due to crimping and breaking.

The EC2510E can guarantee a maximum CFM air displacement of 14.4cfm and it can deliver 9cfm at 100psi. Besides these, some of the other prominent components of the Hitachi EC2510E include the 8-gallons air tank, the pneumatic wheel tires, 3/8” locking regulator, and a ball valve tank drain. Thanks to this drain, now draining the tank when required is a simpler and more efficient process.

Almost all Hitachi EC2510E reviews recommend this compressor as the ideal choice for tough work site environments. And the many features and components integrated in this equipment underline the compressor’s ability to survive in such environments. Therefore, if you are considering procuring the Hitachi EC2510E, you are surely making the right choice.

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