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Hitachi CC12Y 15 Amp 12-Inch Handheld Abrasive Cutoff Machine

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Hitachi CC12Y

The Hitachi CC12Y, considered as one of the largest tools in this category, is also one of the most effective tools for cutting through hard material. This cut-off saw is capable of cutting through sheet metal, cinder blocks, concrete, reinforcing rods, bricks, concrete wire mesh, ceiling forms, and even corrugated floor.

Hitachi CC12Y

Hitachi CC12Y Abrasive Cutoff Machine

Hitachi CC12Y Amazing Cutoff Machine

This amazing cutoff machine runs on a 15 Amp motor that facilitates the power for the toughest cutting jobs. In fact, this cutting tool is capable of seeing its way through ¼” steel with relative ease. Like all other abrasive saws, the Hitachi CC12Y also requires some effort; however the results are definitely perfect. This is one tool that is capable of providing straight cuts that are good to look at and are easy to true up.

Similarly, like other abrasive cutoff machines, the CC12Y also consumes more blades. But the good news, the blades can be easily replaced. The only thing that you need to ensure is to keep the blade nut attached to the blade washer to enable easy installation.

Recommended For Horizontal Cutting Jobs

You can be assured of obtaining the most perfect results with the Hitachi CC12Y. Some of the significant features that contribute to the performance of this tool are the 4” max cutting depth, which ensures the most efficient cutting performance and the wide base that ensures cutting stability. However, this also means the saw can be too heavy for activities that require vertical cutting and therefore is more recommended for horizontal cutting jobs.

There are also several features included in this cutoff machine to make it easy to operate and, of course, durable. The Hitachi CC12Y can be connected to both AC and DC outlets. In other words, you have more flexible options when it comes to operating the tool in different job sites.

Easy To Maneuver And Operate

Further, the Hitachi CC12Y weighs approximately 23.1 lbs. This ensures that the tool can be easily carried around to different job sites and is easy to maneuver and operate. The tool also includes an easily replaceable cutting wheel that ensures that the wheel can be easily and quickly replaced without the need for removing the base.

The auto stop carbon brushes are another significant feature of the Hitachi CC12Y that contributes towards its long life by protecting the armature. The ball and needle construction is another important feature that adds to the durability aspect of the tool.

Hitachi CC12Y

Hitachi CC12Y

Cutting Jobs Involving Tough Material

The Hitachi CC12Y reviews support the fact that this is the cutting tool that you need to go in for if you are considering cutting jobs involving tough material. However, the weight of the machine is a factor that makes it more appropriate for horizontal cutting as maneuverability is affected for vertical tasks. And, this is sure to have an impact in the ultimate results.

All the same, the efficiency and effectiveness of this tool in cutting through the hardest of material cannot be ignored. Therefore, if your professional needs or home improvement jobs demand such tough cutting activities, the Hitachi CC12Y is the appropriate tool for you.

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