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Hitachi NT65MA2 – Convenient And Powerful Angled Finish Nailer

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It is very important for a professional to have the best power tool in the market. Sensing the importance of accurate and quality power tools, increasing demand from professionals, Hitachi has introduced its latest power tool – Hitachi NT65MA2, angled finish nailer.

The product has been specially designed keeping in mind the requirements of professionals belonging to the fields of carpentry, trim carpentry, remodeling areas, plumbing services and general maintenance department. It has offered an excellent opportunity for the operator to increase their overall work efficiency. Run on an air compressor, the product offers the best pressure to nail down deep into different materials.

Benifits of Hitachi NT65MA2

Hitachi NT65MA2 offers an excellent opportunity for operator to nail down finishing nails deep into wooden materials. Weighing in at 4.2 pounds, the compact design of the power tool offers complete convenience to the user to reach out even into confined spaces.

The product is considered as one of the best available power tool for installing cabinets, casings, state cases, chair nails and other wooden furniture products. With the 360° adjustment offered at the hand of the product, the exhaust from the about tool can be directed to a different angle according to the operation carried out by the user.

Hitachi NT65MA2 also contains a unique dust filter that completely eliminates dust particles from the air to offer a high pressure ratio to nail down into materials comfortably. With its lightweight construction and heavy duty resistance, the product offers excellent opportunity for the operator to carry out an increase to work at their job site.

NT65MA2 contains an angled magazine that is manufactured from nylon in order to provide convenience of operation at different angles. The operator can choose between intermittent or continuous firing option by selecting the switch provided on the control panel of the power tool.

Hitachi NT65MA2 can hold up to hundred 15 gauge finishing nails between the lengths of 1-1/4 – 2-1/2 inches. This feature makes it easy for the operator to have a continuous flow of work that greatly increases the work efficiency in the end.

It is also provided with a depth of drive adjustment knob, providing the freedom for the operator to select the required length that has to be nailed into the material. One can also check out Hitachi NT65MA2 review provided by different users of the product to understand in detail about its work in technology and performance under various conditions.

NT65MA2 review is provided by professionals who are already using the product. One can check out the feedback by visiting different websites that are present over the Internet. Joining the website will also provide an easy access ability to participate in conversation with different members of the forum.

This will help the user obtain complete information about the performance, reliability, versatility at different working conditions. Hitachi NT65MA2 can be purchased from different hardware stores or through online shopping portals present in the Internet. The product is delivered along with safety glasses, Allen wrenches and heavy duty plastic carrying case.

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