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Hitachi NV45AE Drives Nails With Power and Smoothness

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You can now say goodbye to the manual hammering of nail into different objects. With the help of Hitachi NV45AE coil roofing nailer, you can now fire nails into different products with high accuracy. This power tool has been developed keeping in mind the requirement of professionals belonging to the fields of construction, furnishing, carpentry and home usage areas. The professional or a do-it-yourself advanced level user can operate the power tool with ease. The product has been designed in such a way that there is a complete balance in the user’s end during the firing action.

Hitachi NV45AE

Hitachi NV45AE

Capabilities of The Hitachi NV45AE

NV45AE holds a special place in the market and for professionals as it has the capability to run even under tedious atmospheric conditions. This is mainly because of the presence of two valve cylinder mechanism that has been incorporated by Hitachi into the power tool. This increases the overall firing rate of nails and maintains a complete balance during the firing mechanism. The pneumatic mechanism also powers the advance and return mechanism of the tool for a consistent operation and for increased firing action. Another important factor of the nailer is the reduced consumption of air in comparison to other products.

Hitachi NV45AE consumes 30% less intake of air increasing the overall productivity for a single compressed cycle. With this particular action, there is a greater response after the firing of the coil which skips to the next course for a rapid finish of the action. With the long-lasting Carbide contact point provided in the push lever design, no nail can escape from the magazine without being driven into the object. With an improved rubber composite grip on the side of the magazine, operator achieves greater control of the tool during the firing action. The grip also reduces the vibrations and shocks that are developed due to the impact that is generated during an operation.

Hitachi NV45AE

Hitachi NV45AE

To prevent uneven roofing, around driver blade is incorporated into the mechanism that makes full contact with the head of the nail. This technique easily pushes the nail into the material delivering a secure operation of the firing process. The magazine of the nailer contains a nonslip protector that is unique and an advanced feature of the product. With site load mechanism made available, the operator can easily load the magazine when finished. It has a capacity to hold 120 nails in a single magazine.

The design, performance and durability of Hitachi NV45AE make it a special cap nailer available in its class. As a professional, who seeks out for increased performance and work efficiency, the cap nailer has been designed to meet all the requirements. Pneumatic power feed and return, tool-less depth adjustment and full round driver blade are the important features of this cap nailer. With five-year industrial warranty from Hitachi, the product offers the best mechanism to fire nails into different materials. Forget skidding off nails in harsh weathers as you now have the best tool to drive nails even into a higher density material.

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