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Hitachi W6VB3SD For Increased Driving Rate Of Nails

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If you are looking out for a screw driving system that helps you increase your overall work efficiency, you may then look at Hitachi W6VB3SD collated screw driving system. The product has been specially developed by Hitachi in order to provide a faster operation to drive a screw into a material to required depths. The operator can drive screws into different materials without the need of any further attachments. The tool achieves maximum RPM of 2600, which drives the screw directly into the material with an ease. The following article provides further information on the product and its working technology.

Hitachi W6VB3SD

Hitachi W6VB3SD Collated Screw System

Hitachi W6VB3SD Overall Performance

Hitachi W6VB3SD is the best screw driving system available in its class, which has improved operations on subfloor, decking and drywall installation. The product has been designed with a 19 inch extension handle that allows the user to carry out the operation in a standing position. This reduces the overall fatigue on the operator as they no longer have to bend into different positions straining their back muscles. The extension handle can be adjusted according to the operation and the need of the operator. The system has been designed to drive nails that range between ¾ inch to 3 inch.

No additional usage of attachment is required to drive nails when the nails range in between the preferred value. As you are looking out to drive the nail to a preferred depth, one may no longer have to use various tools to measure the depth. Instead, they can use the depth control fine adjustment provided on the tool. With this particular adjustment, the operator can achieve the desired levels of depth on the material. There is also an increase in the bit life as the product comes with the patented LOX drive system developed by Hitachi.

W6VB3SD has the best in class contact system where 12 points are contacted by the bit onto the head of the screw. This particular mechanism increases the overall bit life and ensures that there is no slipping of nail during operation. The flat pad at the front end of the tool ensures smooth holding onto the material and driving the nail perfectly into the position without causing any damage to the head. The corded electrical power tool runs on 6.6 amp motor providing the required power output necessary to drive nails ev

Hitachi W6VB3SD

Hitachi W6VB3SD

en into metals.

Hitachi W6VB3SD is one of the leading screw driving systems available in the market preferred by professionals and do-it-yourself users. With industry rich features present in the power tool, one can now work on different lengths at required depths using the extension handle and depth adjustment knob respectively. The patented LOX drive system ensures a complete contact on the head of the screws, which increases the overall life of the bit apart from driving the nail perfectly at the preferred position. The tool comes along with LOX bit, a Phillips bit for drywall screws, no-mar tip and a sub-floor tip.

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