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Hitachi KC18DG6L Combo Kit Designed to Deliver High Performance

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It is important for a professional to choose the right kind of combo kit, which provides them with the features that they are looking for. The Hitachi KC18DG6L is one such combination tool kit that contains a total of six pieces. Every single power tool included in the combination kit runs on an 18 volt lithium ion battery that has been specially designed by Hitachi. The battery offers an extended life to the power tool which further increases the overall work efficiency to the operator. The following article provides information about every single power tool present in the combination kit.

Hitachi KC18DG6L

Hitachi KC18DG6L Combo Kit

Hitachi KC18DG6L – One of the Best Combo Kit

DV18DL hammer drill driver is one of the tools in the combination kit, KC18DG6L. The tool produces class leading torque of 570 in./lbs. With its rugged design, five-position belt hook and ergonomically designed handle grip offers complete control over the tool even during an operation. Another important feature is the presence of unique two-step switch that allows the user to select from four different speed settings. The lightweight design makes it easy for the operator to carry the tool even into a confined space. Another tool in the combination kit is the reciprocating saw, CR18DL that comes with triple seal design.

The triple seal design protects the entire from dust, water and debris that are generated during an operation. A fan cooled motor generates enough amount of power to cut down wood, metal and composite materials. It has the capacity to produce 2100 strokes per minute. The power tool is known for its lightweight structure, rugged body built and high efficiency. C18DL is a circular saw with left mounted blade, which is part of the six piece combo kit. The left side mounting increases the accessibility and blade changes within minutes. It achieves a no-load speed of 3400 rpm that can cut different materials which are 2-1/4 inches in thickness. The operator can also carry out an angled cut at 45° for a maximum thickness of 1-9/16 inches.

Hitachi KC18DG6L

Hitachi KC18DG6L

The circular saw comes with electric brake that halts the power tool instantly. The elastomer grip provided on the handle reduces the overall vibration and increases the control during an operation. WH18DL is an impact driver that comes with the latest cool flow system developed by Hitachi. It can produce a maximum of 1330 in./lbs of torque and best suitable for hanging doors, installing cabinets, windows and sinking deck screws. Angle grinder, G18DL is the other power tool present in the six piece combo kit of Hitachi KC18DG6L. The lightweight structured and powerful motor increases the overall cutting action and can pass through different materials with an ease. It achieves a maximum of 9100 rpm under a no-load condition.

The other two items, included in the box, are the two-mode lantern and the lithium ion batteries can be used in every single power tool present in the combo kit. Lithium ion batteries increases the overall lifespan of the tool as it protects from surge developed in power along with over-current protection technology. In conclusion, the Hitachi KC18DG6L is a must have a combo kit for professionals seeking high accuracy and increased work efficiency.

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