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Hitachi NR65AK Placement Nailer – An Essential Tool

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The Hitachi NR65AK is considered an essential item in every person’s tool kit, whether it is for home use or professional work. The reasons for this are the tool’s enhanced maneuverability, efficient performance, and durability. In fact, with the arrival of this tool, metal connecting has become a breeze. 

The Hitachi NR65AK is a lightweight tool that weighs approximately 6.2 lbs. It is this feature that makes the tool easy to handle, comfortable to carry around and easy to maneuver. This ultra-light tool is also capable of shooting 2-1/2” x .162 paper collated 34-degree fasteners. This makes the tool highly accurate and ideal for fastening different types of materials. 

hitachi nr65ak

Hitachi NR65AK Placement Nailer – An Essential Tool

Amazing Features of Hitachi NR65AK

The Hitachi NR65AK comprises a rear-loading magazine with a collation angle of 36 degrees. Therefore, it can be easily loaded from the rear end. Further, the magazine is capable of holding up to 44 nails or 2 strips. The operating pressure of the tool is 80-120 PSI. Therefore, you not only work more efficiently but also can continue working without the need to reload frequently. 

The overhanging nail tip of the Hitachi NR65AK is what enables the tool to accurately locate pre-punched holes. This unique hole locating mechanism ensures that nails are precisely placed in the material during sequential firings activities. The NR65AK also includes a 360-degree tool-less adjustable exhaust deflector that deflects the air exhaust in any direction. 

All these features are intended to enable users to perform their tasks with precision and efficiency. Besides being lightweight, the Hitachi NR65AK has also been designed to be slim and compact, with an intention to make it useful even in work areas that are in closed spaces. The dry-fire lockout feature included in this tool is another important functionality. This feature of the Hitachi NR65AK ensures that the tool life is extended by preventing unnecessary wear. 

hitachi nr65ak

Hitachi NR65AK

It also ensures user safety. Another user-safety feature incorporated in the NR65AK is the racket grip. In addition to offering temperature protection for users, this handle also ensures a comfortable and sturdy grip. Thanks to this handle, now users can work without the anxiety of the tool slipping from their hands during operations. Therefore, users can work safely, efficiently, and continuously with the Hitachi NR65AK, without getting exhausted. 

Almost all Hitachi NR65AK reviews consider this as an easy-to-use, efficient, and essential tool. This is thanks to the convenience that the tool offers, while at the same time maintaining its effectiveness in operation. These positive reviews are an indicator that this would be a worthwhile investment in your kitty, whether you are considering this tool for home use or professional use. 

Thus, if you are considering procuring the Hitachi NR65AK as a part of your tool kit, go ahead, you will not regret the decision.

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