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The Hitachi CN16SA Gauge Nibbler – A Fantastic Power Tool


The Hitachi cn16sa tool is an advanced gauge nibbler, manufactured by Hitachi, and required for contracting use. In the construction sector, this tool has set a standard for performance and preciseness. This tool is the better option in its class. One can benefit from this tool by cutting metal sheets, an outstanding construction activity.

Metal sheets can be briskly cut, without error, by using this special device. The results offered by the Hitachi CN16SA 16 Gauge Nibbler are clean and smooth, than most of the tools in the market that offer the same functions.

The Rapid Speed Covers A Greater Area Of Metal Sheets, Speedily

A major prospect of the Hitachi CN16SA tool is its power. The tool runs on a 3.5-amp motor, which is responsible for providing power of up to 230 watts. The power allows the user to efficiently cut metals and, thus, increases the productivity of the worker. The rapid speed covers a greater area of metal sheets, speedily.

Lesser Weariness For The User

The power-to-weight ratio depicts the tension, which is high for this tool, so it means lesser weariness for the user. Although the maximum power of the tool is 230 watts, yet, the weight of the tool is only 3.7 pounds. I just enjoy this Hitachi nibbler because it does precisely what you need it to do – and responsively!

The Hitachi cn16sa is designed for maximum performance. Another important aspect of this strong tool is its strong motor capacity. The speed level is maintained by this potent motor. Even cutting of 16 gauge mild steel and 18 gauge stainless steel can be done, because of the electronic speed system.

Although mild steel can be cut easily, other gauges over 16, yet similar in heaviness to mild steel, can also be sliced with ease. The tool has a thickness gauge that can be used on different metals such as aluminum, copper, leather, or even fiberboards.

Gained Prominence Because Of Its Sharp Blades

Apart from the motor, the Hitachi CN16SA has also gained prominence because of its sharp blades. These sharp blades have about eight cutting edges and work in the reversible way, as well. The tool has a minimum cutting radius of 1.578 inches, and it has the capacity to cut through 0.0625 inches of mild steel, 0.0469 inches of stainless steel, and 0.0938 inches of aluminum plates.

A 7.25 inches little handle is available to allow maximum user control on the tool. The operation of the tool is enhanced by the incorporation of a switch lock-on, which provides the user with the ability to continuously cut through the plates.

Hitachi has provided various tools with the Hitachi CN16SA nibbler, to make cutting work more gentle to execute. A punch, 4 mm hex-bar wrenches, and a die of 2.5 mm come with this tool, as mentioned in the Hitachi CN16SA review.

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