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High Stress Drilling And Rotary Drilling With The Hitachi Dh45mr

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Consistent Power Delivery

When one is looking for the best rotary hammer in the market, the Hitachi DH45MR is a major competitor. The rotary hammer is purposely build to handle heavy duty tasks while serving the users over long lifespan. The tool is a corded electric which means that there is consistent power delivery.

The tool comes with the Hitachi quality, reliability and performance grades making it one of the top products in its class. There are various advantages and befits of choosing the rotary hammer over the rivals. One may easily get the benefits associated with the hammer from any well detailed Hitachi DH45MR review.

Hitachi Dh45mr

The Hitachi Dh45mr

Engine abilities

The Hitachi DH45MR is fitted with a Hitachi 11.6 amp motor which is one of the most powerful motors. The powerful electric motor is thus capable of providing the tool with 1200 watts power output. The heavy-duty motor also gives the tool a great lifespan. The electric speed control system also ensures tha6t the tool gets a consistent speed when the tool is under a load.

It is also a preventive measure that keeps the motor free from any overloading when the tool is exposed to strenuous conditions. The tool is also fitted with a means to control the engine outputs. One has the choice of choosing between the speeds of 0 to 120 rpm and 0 to 240 rpm. One may also choose an impact rate of either 0 to 1200 or 1 to 2500 blows per minute. This allows one to easily meet the demands as the material requires.


The Hitachi DH45MR has two modes to choose from. One may choose the hammer drilling or drilling mode. The operations are easy to switch in between as the tool has special features for this. The tool makes use of a pun slip clutch for higher slip torque and accuracy.

There are also a number of features that aid in the protection of the gear and clutching systems. The tool also has auto carbon brushes that protect the motor from damage in the transitions. This also helps increase the service life of the tool. The tool also has a metal casing that prevents grease and oil leaks arising from the stresses imposed on the tool.


The handle is also detachable for tight situations. The side handle is easily secured via the use of a rigid steel bracelet. The tool also has a depth control feature that aids in ensuring great results in constant drilling.

The quick release function also eases the changes of the bits. The system has a 12 point locking mechanism that allows for simple chisel adjustments to suit the needs of different conditions. To top it all the DH45MR comes with a couple of useful accessories.

Since the Hitachi DH45MR has a high output and is designed for heavy duty tasks, it has equality capable handling features. The basic features include an elastomeric handle that absorbs vibrations emanating from the tool as well as provide a comfortable handle. The tool also has a 360 degree movable side handle that gives the tool a tighter rip.

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