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Hitachi C8fse 8-1/2 Inch Sliding Compound Mitre Saw – The Ideal Choice


The Hitachi C8FSE, with a 9.5 amp motor and a 57 degree mitre angle, is the most robust mitre saw’s that you can find in the market and one of the best offerings of Hitachi Tools. This powerful tool has the accuracy and efficiency to ensure the most precise mitre joints as well as the most accurate crosscuts. So, let’s look at the significant features that makes the Hitachi C8FSE mitre saw the most appropriate choice.

Linear Ball-Bearing Slide Function

The 8 inch sliding system of the Hitachi C8FSE, which is supported by a linear ball-bearing slide function, is specifically designed to work with larger pieces of material. Besides, you can also perform the most accurate cutting and molding operations with this equipment.

The saw is designed to work as a compound mitre saw, in other words, the C8FSE Hitachi is the best equipment for creating and working with large frames. And this simply explains the reason for its demand and appeal among most professional woodworkers and carpenters.

Ensuring Perfect And Accurate Cuts

The powerful motor integrated in the Hitachi C8FSE guarantees a maximum speed of 5,500 rpm. This simply means you can accomplish the most perfect mitres. To add to this, the electric speed brake ensures that you can stop the rotations within few seconds, avoiding unnecessary cuts, preventing errors, enabling adjustments, and above all ensuring perfect and accurate cuts.

The Hitachi C8FSE mitre saw allows various angles including 57 degree mitre angle to the right ensuring superior flexibility, 45 degree mitre angle to the left, 47 degree bevel angle range to the left, and 5 degree bevel angle to the right.

Have Adjustable Stops

And all these have adjustable stops, 11 to be precise, which offers accurate measurements, prompt settings, and facility for compound cutting. Thus, the Hitachi C8FSE is simple to work with and affords the best results, irrespective of the type of woodwork involved.

The mitre saw also includes pivoting systems, which means you can use your C8FSE Hitachi to complete huge projects with woodwork of up to 12 inches depth and 29/16 height. The weight of the saw is another factor that adds to its appeal and popularity. At 31lbs, this Hitachi product is engineered to guarantee easy maneuverability as well as portability.

Dust Collector Helps To Minimize Airborne Debris

The Hitachi C8FSE also includes some safety features and easy maintenance functions such as the splinter deflection guard, the clamping system, and the dust collector. Users of the saw are safe from flying debris as it is diverted from the work area and the dust collector helps to minimize airborne debris. The clamps help to hold the materials in place ensuring more accuracy and better efficiency.

The carbon brush access ensures durability of the tool, as users can easily replace the brush, greatly adding to its life. Some of the other components that are included in the Hitachi C9FSE mitre saw are the box wrench, saw fence, and the 8-1/2” TCT saw blade.

Thus, the Hitachi C8FSE is one of the most recommended mitre saws, both by professionals and experts, thanks to its excellent features that guarantee performance, reliability, and durability.

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