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The Best Support A Contractor Can Get – The Hitachi UU610

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Most Useful Tools In The Construction Industry

Hitachi offers the Hitachi UU610. Miter saws are regarded as one of the most useful tools in the construction industry.  It is a tool that is top of its class, to anyone looking for a top-performing, retractable, miter saw.

There are a number of features that are hard to find, in any other type of saw. Some of which are necessary for the user to make it friendlier for use. The durability, pricing, and quality of the UU610 are as high as it is with other Hitachi products, available in the market. This also means, the tool attracts a warranty on acquisition.

The Hitachi UU610

The Best Support – The Hitachi UU610

Tool Specifications

The Hitachi UU610 has a number of features that make it stand out, from the rest of the miter saw stands. One of the important specifications happens to be, the tool is constructed from aluminum. The tool is also light in weight, weighing only 40 pounds, which is minimal compared to the 500 pound support-weight.

The Hitachi UU610 Universal Work Station also features two extension arms. The retracted length of the tool is 4.5 feet, while the supported length increases to 20 feet. The accessories that are included in the package are a wheel kit, universal tool mount, adjustable flip stop, and the universal workstation.

Application and Tool Use

The Hitachi UU610 design allows the tool to be used in conjunction with other accessories. The tool has the facility to mount a miter saw and also offers two extension arms, in which one may easily fit routers and vise accessories. The saw can be fitted independently or locked in place, by making use of the patented cam lock for a drop on installation cuts.

The mount is flexible such that it can be used with almost every miter saw in the market. Other aspects of design, such as the roller fences, ease the alignment of materials with the saw for a more efficient cutting output.

Another aspect of the tool that comes in, when one is concerned with the design of the tool, is the portability involved. The Hitachi UU610 is made from heavy-duty grade aluminum, but it’s still light enough to make the tool easy for transportation and portability.

The wheel kit, in the package, also eases the transportation of the mount when on the site. Features such as it’s retractability also aid the tool’s portability. The best way to describe the strength of the tool is that it weighs 40 pounds and can support weights of up to 500 ponds.


The Hitachi UU610 is designed to meet the goals of providing a stable and suitable work surface for the user and certain compatible materials. The design of the mount encompasses various necessities in the construction industry, such as effectiveness by having retractable arms.

The features increase the ability of the mount, while not impacting the weight and transportation capacities of the tool. The Hitachi UU610 Universal Miter Saw D+Stand has other extensions available, in the market, that can be bought separately.

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