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The Hitachi NV50AA – 2 inch, High Capacity Magazine Utility Nailer

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There has been a tremendous increase in use of power tools across the globe. Sensing the importance of high quality performance power tools, Hitachi has entered the market. With numerous power tools that offer excellent convenience to the operator to carry out various accurate work. The latest addition to their massive catalogue of power tools is the Hitachi NV50AA, a 2-inch utility nailer.

This product has been specially designed for professionals belonging to the fields of carpentry, trim carpentry, remodeling areas and maintenance service departments. Run on air-powered mechanism, the product offers excellent high performance required for the operator to nail down nails in different materials very easily.

The Hitachi NV50AA is a well-balanced powerful and compact utility nailer that weighs just 4.2 lbs. due to its lightweight and compact design; the operator can carry out the power tool to different locations including confined spaces making it easy for them to reach tough jobs.

The Hitachi NV50AA Has Many Excellent Features


This completely increases their overall efficiency of work. The best part of the product is the utilization of power that is developed from air. Air suction creates the required pressure to nail down the nails into the required material by the operator.

NV50AA also features an open magazine canister mechanism, which allows the operator to quickly change the complete set of canisters containing the nails. This reduces the overall change of time during operation increasing productivity. As a canister has been positioned in a particular angle, the nailing is perfectly protruded into the material with ease.

The Hitachi NV50AA also comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a one-year industrial Ltd period warranty. This particular offer also includes warranty on different parts of the power tool and also the labor charges.

With the Hitachi NV50AA, it has the highest capacity rate to nail down a total of 385 nails with a single magazine. This particular feature has enabled the user to increase their overall performance at a jobsite.

Hitachi has developed an excellent air compressor that consumes less air consumption and provides the required pressure that is necessary to nail down the nail, deep into the material. In order to understand in detail about the working performance of this power tool, one can also check out a Hitachi NV50AA review provided by different users of the product.

The power tool not only increases the work efficiency of the operator but also offers an excellent extended life with its high performance and optimum durability. The product can be purchased from different online shopping portals that also at times offer great deals. Make sure you have the product in your hand, which you can carry it out to you jobsite for efficiency of work.

One will have to visit different websites and blog sites in order to check out NV50AA review. The user can also carry out a small interaction with other members of the forum in order to have an insight into the performance, reliability and usability of the power tool. Based on the facts provided, one will be in a position to understand the importance of the Hitachi NV50AA.

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