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Makita 1002BA Base Planer – A Bird’s-Eye Look Upon Its Features

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The Makita 1002BA planer has a curved base that makes it easy to use where normal planers are unable to perform functions. The motor used in this machine is of the best quality, and it can perform a function using 10 AMP current only. There are many other similar products that are unable to produce 15000 RPM using 10 AMP current.

This machine is designed to work with precision and is user friendly. The Makita 1002BA curved base planer that can easily use for indentation on your required surface. The radius of this machine is only 12.6 inches and it is suitable to perform many functions. The Makita 1002BA curved base planer has a larger ejection chute.

Makita 1002BA

Features Of Makita 1002BA Curved Base Planer

Best Control Of Its User During Working by Makita 1002BA

This chute is very useful to discharge unwanted cuttings and chips out of the range from its worker. It has a perfect design that is convenient for grasping from a front or from back sides.

The design of this machine will be in the best control of its user during working. There are two handles installed on this machine, so you can hold it easily during working. This machine is widely used to make arcs of different sizes.

You can easily work with this planer on logs and scarf. The Makita 1002BA curved base planer is made to show a greatest competency of functions. If you are interested to give a ‘ hewn’ look to logs and timbers, then this machine Makita 1002BA is the best choice.

Chamfer Cuts Are Easy To Make

It has a lock on the base, so you can easily stop during working within few seconds, and on the front side it has a specific dial. This dial is used for depth adjustments on a wooden surface. The chamfer cuts are easy to make by using this machine, because of the presence of a curved base.

The Makita Company is always ready to provide quality products for its users, and Makita B curved base planer is a latest addition. This machine is ideal for any carpenter, because the finial glassy finish on any curved timber is impossible without this machine.

Makita 1002BA

Makita 1002BA

This Planer Have Proven This To Be The Best Tool

The reviews about this planer have proven this to be the best tool to create wooden homes. If you are interested to have a wooden home, then this is a necessary tool that you must-have for shiny finish.

Its base is fairly adjustable according to the requirements of its users. If there is any problem occurred with blades, then you have to just press its lock and replace the older blade. The Makita 1002BA curved planer is designed to work for a very long time.

It has not any negative user review on the internet because of the extra ordinary features. This planer has a very softer start, so it is easy to place it on the exact point.

If you want to work on this planer continuously, then just unlock its button that is present on the base. This Makita 1002BA curved planer also has other necessary tools in its packing, including sharpening holder, blade gauge, wrench, planer blade and wing nut.

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